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Ok so I have been in the Hobby a long time, and I travel a lot, but recently made Dallas my home, I live by TER. Anyway my question is simple, I occasionally hear about different Meet and Greats or other social events where you can meet providers and other hobbiest, but how does a brother find out about them?

I've wondered the same thing. Seems I read somewhere that a provider has to vouch for you...or maybe get an invite from the organizer.

Another question: are these events usually held in hotels where one can retire to a more private setting to get to know your new friend better?


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from a M&G organizer.

1. M&G's are, for the most part, private, by invitation only, get togethers.
2. In most cases, you will read an announcement on this board or a local board.
3. If you wish to attend, you will be asked for some "screening" information, much the same as if you were seeing a lady for the first time...TER name, email address, provider references, etc. These will be verified by the Host's.
4. If you pass the screening, you may be sent an invitation and be put on an email list for "party invitees" only, where you will get all the pertinent information.
5. If you are new to M&G's, you will be reminded several times about security and the need for discretion regarding the party. If you violate the "rules" you can bet you will never have to opportunity to attend another.
6. There are many different types of M&G's so you may have to decide what you are comfortable with.
There have been 5 Tampa Soiree's. The Soiree is an evening cocktail party held in a semi-public place where ladies and gentlemen get to put a face with a name, greet old friends and meet new ones, in a casual, secure, no stress, atmosphere.

If you need any more information or have any more questions, feel free to email us at

We'll be glad to answer what we can.

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