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Re: Thank you to all that attended!
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Great party, Octavia.  Thanks again!

As always, great food, great venue, and most important: great people.

Thank you!

Thank you for a wonderful time. It was nice to see you and meet some wonderful people! :)

It was a Brunette night, one Redhead and one blonde.

Glad to see you as always!  As for there being a surplus of brunettes, you were the hottest of them all.  As for the blond, that would be one Chloe Carter...nothing more needs to be said.

I was the last to show & still had a blast... Thanks again for a great night.
Can't wait for the next one.

You are an awesome hostess!
My compliments to the chef as well...


Posted By: OctaviaNYC_
It was a Brunette night, one Redhead and one blonde.

Always the epitome of the perfect hostess.

Thank you.

As usual Octavia hosts an amazing get together! Fabulous people, great food, lots of laugh. and some kissing (!). Everyone was engaged, focused and certainly SEX-y. Octavia, I adore you and please tell Eddie thank you for the location. YOU all ROCK!!  mmmmmmmuah!! xoxoxoxoxox CC

how do you find out about these?  sounds fun....who is invited?

I come to nyc next week & I missed this damn party I had so much fun last time.


Everyone was super sexy and Thanks to Eddie as well!

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