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Re: One cup of hemlock please
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No ice.
Other than that, since I have no way of proving who was or wasn't there, what makes you think anyone else does ?

Is a GO !
We have a date ( late June ) and a nice place ( on the Jersey shore ).
All ladies FREE as usual.
Please PM me for the date and preliminary info.

All ladies are welcome and will be admitted FREE ! If you will be in the N.J. - NYC area in mid to late June and would like to go to the Pool Party, please send me a PM. We can help you with transportation and accomodation info.

Please mail me the details. I would like to join.


... got hold of the e-mail addresses of everyone who attended your spring mixer? Many of us would like to know what you know about this. Thanks.

I'd like to know how and why Cirano, or anyone else, thought it was a good idea to publicly discuss this instead of sending me a PM in the first instance ?
I posted a full and complete explanation on the N.Y. Board.
To further reassure everyone I will NOT be using e-mail for this or any future party.
I will not discuss this or any other tempests in a tea pot further.
Anyone with any legitimate questions or concerns about this or anything else is invited to send me a PM.

Only someone who has done something so painfully stupid and disrespectful to his fellow hobbyists would be so delusional as to think this matter is trivial. Your betrayal and insensitivity take my breath away. As was said to Neville Chamberlain after he appeased the Third Reich, "Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!"

I know you would never betray anyone. I think only the New York hobbyists who have been around a long time and know the ropes and can be trusted should have been the ones to run parties. As you know, I dont attend the parties, but I do still care about everyone. Id hate if one of my dear clients got in trouble.
Its sad for me to think that people drank, felt tipsy and talked and mingled, and had no idea that one of them was a reporter taking notes of everything said. When there is a bit of alcohol, everyone loosens up and the conversation can get pretty free, as well as flirting, pawing, ect. A reporter is going to gobble all this up. Im so glad I dont go to parties. But i am really worried about those who did.

Great points Flora, i know I have been to a few mixers and after a few drinks eveyone seems to share ideas and information...That can only lead to trouble...

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He's also given out providers and hobbyists Email addresses?  Who would EVER go to one of his parties again?
This guy is a threat to the community and frightening.

This fool gave out information on names of individuals going to the mixers to the media...I would suggest no one go to his mixers but do as you wish.....Just beware....

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Well it's not like you have any choice. You're on every black list in this galaxy and providers want your scalp, balls, and ass.  You've created the greatest train wrecks in the north east and no one trusts you.  You made your own pile of shit and now must sleep in it by yourself.

I've apologized and do so again.
I am RETIRED. Permanently.
I have deleted everything and deactivated the e-mail account that was used.
I have deleted all my PM's here and elsewhere.
If there is anything else I can do to make amends, please let me know.

DinahMoeHumm5228 reads

with the expectation of discretion.  Or, since you were so cavalier with everyone's personal information, you can personally indemnify each and every participant from any harm resulting from the ultimate published story that will come out of this.

Are you so out of your mind that you actually believe that the guy "deleted" everything?

No ice.
Other than that, since I have no way of proving who was or wasn't there, what makes you think anyone else does ?

That's assuming you have gotten rid of the envelopes in which donations were made, each of which, upon your instruction, was inscribed with one's TER handle and/or e-mail. Can you prove to us that these were destroyed?

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