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It looks like another good group for a great party......eregular_smile
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It's Party Time Boston!  Come out and dig in to some awesome eye candy!  We have a hell of a guest list and great hosts!  It's going to ROCK your *OCKS!  errr.... socks!... :0

The Boston Meet and Greet Board, which is not affiliated with any other board, would like to invite you to join us in the next get together in Metrowest Boston. This Spring's outing will be Thursday April 26, 2012.

If you have sent in information and have not heard back, please resend it.  It might have been overlooked by mistake.

Who are we? We are long-time providers and hobbyists that founded a private board in 2005. We keep this board separate from other boards simply for security and safety for all who would like to attend. All of the people who join the board are screened and have good reputations within the hobbying community from all over the country.

What do we do? We typically throw two Meet and Greet outings per year in the Boston area. There are seven hosts involved in choosing a location, in charge of screening, and inviting as many people who would love to attend a fun social outing.

Our objective is to be as Inclusive as possible while maintaining safety standards for all to attend comfortably.  If you are interested in joining the Boston Meet and Greet community please email:

(Please do NOT PM us or write directly to our email addresses)

Please include the following:

Your stage name
Your TER handle (if different)
Email address (that is best to reach you)
A phone number (if applicable)
Your website URL.

TER handle
First and Last name
Email address (that is best to reach you)
Phone Number
2 Provider References, with their email addresses

We screen everyone to ensure safety. It does take some time for Crystal and Juliane to screen the gentlemen so please be patient. They are the ONLY 2 people that will ever see any gentleman's screening information.

We look forward to having you join us!
Your Favorite Hosts!
Crystalforfun, Juliane More, mltnbob, codpeace, August West, Hukilau, and Foodyguy

Please send a friendly reminder that you did to as there was a glitch with yahoo group for a while.  I think I got everyone that fell through the cracks but not 100 percent sure

Thanks for the invite...

I'm glad that I was able to make it.  I met some really nice gentleman
and friendly ladies..  Sorry I couldn't stay to meet everyone. However I welcome you to send me a PM..



Hi Julianne,  sorry for the dumb question, I have never been to these meet and greet thingy before.  it is just a friendly way to put the faces to the names on the board and make some new friends.  Again sorry for the question.  Just curious.  Chen8989

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