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how about us guys who pay the bills?? talk about women's lib..

Just curious, does that exist? Would be nice to make some new friends, plus if I ever have a double it would be great to know the other girl.

that I go to the Meet and Greets, to network and meet the other girls.

I know Allure is planning another 1 this year in LV.  I think it costs to attend in is a several day event.  I have had my own in San Diego & promote provider networking!

I would love to attend a provider only event. BUT! It cannot be in vegas! im a longtime provider from vegas, if anyone has a past in vegas,ugh just, it makes it difficult to visit. SD i can visit. LMK when i would love to meet other providers.

I had the opportunity to work with Allure in a small capacity at her last provider retreat. It was really an experience to be a part of it. Her Providers Only Retreat is well screened and offers three distinctly different experiences. In addition, it's more of an expo/conference than just a simple meet and greet. Companions from all over the Sates flew in as well as other countries to attend.  

First off, it's the ability to relax among your peer group. This business has so many common threads and yet so many geographical differences. It's eye opening. Speaking one on one to people who you get references from and you give references to gives a whole new perspective. To be able to do this in a manner of personal open communication is really a lot of fun. Hearing the stories of the trials and tribulations that some share are eye opening as well; from laughter that caused me tears to a true awareness of changes that I needed to be make immediately.  

Second, it's a no boys event. Dinner with the girls, maybe some shopping and just being yourself. No need to wear those 5 inch pumps and evening gown around each other. The pool party the dinners and the discussions were just plain fun. Come as you are and be as you are. When you pack the years and years of experience that is present in that group and take it to the bar, you will laugh till you cry again.  

Finally it's informative. While there is a cost involved, the discounts for advertising and gifts that each of the participants received far exceeded the cost. I don't know about the retreats in the past and future, but at last year's she had sponsors foot the bill for goody bags and help with the venue cost. In addition, she had some great speakers who offered really good insight and services to our industry. Safety, screening, finance, web development and photographers to mention a few...

The topics and discussions were numerous and individual as well. Group participation is heavily encouraged. Many of these discussions take place and are covered in a manner of private one on one or small group presentations that don't cross the line.  

I know I will attend the next one.  

Reagan Moore

how about us guys who pay the bills?? talk about women's lib..

You are more than welcome to apply for and pay to attend the Hobbyist Net Safety Class I will be teaching this year just before the Retreat.


It was flippin' amazing and such a relief to talk openly and be around women that not only love being providers, but are smart business women and a mortgage, goals, and dreams both in and outside of the hobby. I highly suggest going!!! BTW there was absolutely NO DRAMA or haters which was my favorite part!


P.S. Shayla and A' (Allure) along with other Vegas local providers were unconditionally accomidating to me as an out of towner, new face, and thanks so much ladies! And there was a super important Safer Sex Class!

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