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I always kinda come out with crazy slow me down if it's too much...

3weeks ago in SD, I organize a M&G at my place (everyone was verified, it was 100% safe trust me!)
It was a success!!!
5 of my GF visited for the event, I have a pole in my living was like a private sexy strip club.
I had over 30 gents showing up, we passed on coupons with special prices to redeem that night (I have 2 rooms..)
This was just a blast let me tell you! The guys in SD still talk about it and are asking me whm will be the next one!!!

We had great games to break the ice, drinks and food, free lap danse and kisses as prices, pole dancing, super special only for that night...
It was à Great way to meet all the ladies. It also have some fun in private if need to...
I had TV celebrities there and PYT. Visiting exclusively for the event (even Talia Amour showed up from Tampa Florida!!!)

LV about the most amazing M&G in the history?
Penthouse suite. Gorgeous ladies, pole shows, game and fun if need to with multiple room...
I'm thinking: NOW WE ARE TALKING!!!

Question is...
What do you guys/gals think??

We can make this one of a kind event!!!

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What a GREAT idea. Count me in!

O need a lttle bit more time baby love!

I want to put together the most incredible M&G in the history of TER, when i do thing, i dont like to only do half of it, IT'S PERFECT OT ITS NOTHING!!!! ( you are in a great position to know that! )

I was thinking somewhere in april?

Again gents!
Penthouse suite with playroom, pole bar, drinks, food...GIRLS!!!

I will put a list togethet!
If anyone could help me get the list of  all the regulars who attempt the M&G in vegas (boys n girls!) that would be an awesome start!
Be ready to see famous faces, TOP RATED LA GIRLS but also bunch of my DDG DREAM TEAM who will be there as well!


OMG that would be so much fun!! are you going to do it in vegas? or just vegas style? miss you girly!! xoxo

I would love to participate an have plenty of references please keep me posted...

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