Fargo, ND
tiger 2156 reads

Looking for a provider to meet on my birthday in Fargo on the night of June 24

I would even bake you a special cake!
From scratch!!!!!!  NOT FROM A BOX!

I have been considering a trip to Fargo!
Let me know if you are interested,
Hugs, Belinda

Happy early Birthday!!!!!   Do I get to spank your AZZZZZZZZZZZ if you choose me?  Or, maybe I will let you spank mine instead!

with cake & all.  Heck we share the same birthday, maybe we could split the cake!  lol

I got to keep the leftovers!! LOL...I am not allowed to keep leftovers anymore!  Nowadays, any bday boys have to eat the cake, take it with them, or get kinky and creative with it!  LOLLLLLLLLL!    (Good thing I have a shower!!)

Sounds fun, huh?

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