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Email address for Bridgette Kerkove
MichaelCA 12 Reviews 30983 reads

This is a current direct email address for Bridgette Kerkove. There have been reports that she is available but I have yet to find a review. Anyone ever seen her?

THEDOCTORSW36675 reads


Remember that there are many ladies that do Escort but don't like to be reviewed or to be known that they do (Families, Children, Husbands, Boyfriends, Contracted, etc..).

I have only reviewed less than a 1/3 of those that I have seen because the majority have asked me not too. Bridgette is currently listed on several VIP sections, besides at her Yahoo Group she kind of hinted that she does meet her fans when she was asked.

Best thing is to ask her politely if one is TRULY interested.

Seth A/K/A The Doctor

Bridgette Is Interviewed:
Part 1:


Lex Holland26931 reads

Stacey has mentioned her.

THEDOCTORSW26859 reads

I have done business with Stacey in the past and she treated my friends and me very well.

No hazzles and no phone calling during the meetings either.

Seth A/K/A The Doctor

had question does chasey lain or tia bella escort.i  am from ne

THEDOCTORSW31341 reads

Chasey Lain has in the past thru her agent and Tia Bella posted with various Agencies under another name but utilizing her photos.

I asked the owners of these Agencies if it was her and they never answered my calls and/or e-mails pertaining this question, figure it out.

Seth A/K/A The Doctor

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