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Horse and cart question....
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Do you think that regular hobbying gives one the mental and physical stamina to live longer and thus do more hobbying or do we just want to live longer so that we can do more hobbying and therefore end up doing so?

Maybe half and half?

I want to live longer, so I can do more hobbying with ladies I crave who would probably not give me the time of day in the civvie world.  However, I do think that hobbying does at least give me the mental opinion that I have better stamina, whether it's true or not.


Since I started hobbying, I have quit smoking (after 44 years) and started exercising.  I'm not where I want to be yet but gain a little on my fitness goal each day.

Ultimately my dream is to be able to make a post like the OP in the thread directly under this one.

Or, as Spock would say "Live long and be prosperous"  (well, I changed it a little)

Each year there's less lead left in the pencil but when you find the gal who can still get out of you all that you still have, be content to stay with her particularly if she goes out of her way to make each date better than the preceding one!

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But I don't think that it will be long.  I hope to find 1 or 2 that don't fall into the category of "familiarity breeds contempt" but instead adhere to "every meeting is a new opportunity". I believe long term relationships are the way to go.

As a provider, I was inadvertently in a psuedo LTR with a wonderful, intelligent gentleman who I saw over the course of ten years. It started as a one hour session. Continued as one hour sessions. But as he aged the session focus changed. There was a large age span between us and I learned so much about life and relationships from him. He recently passed away. While I am not a LTR provider, if you find the right person you can definitely have a very special connection.

Good luck!

Sex increases my quality of life, which in turn strengthens my will and desire to live, which in turn increases my motivation to do the things that improve my odds of living longer, while also motivating me to hold on to, or incorporate activities that further enhance my quality of life, while increasing my anticipation of and motivation for seeking out even more sex! Did ya get all that! ;)

I think it's part of being alive in every sense of the word.  Personally. I hope everything fails at the same time.  In the meantime, I want to live life while i still have it..

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