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Nooner's 2nd Intimate Little Connecticut Gathering
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I posted under Meet & Greet here a couple weeks back a thingie for Feedback on a cocktail party type Meet & Greet in Connecticut for Valentine's Day (night) of Tues the 14th.
Little feedback, but the the one I think spoke for many of you was that it is hard for Hobbyists to escape on Valentine's Day/Night due to family commitments. Not the same for me, but oh well....

New Theme:
Though 3 Providers said it would be a go from their standpoint (I guess Providers as a whole do not have Significant Others', yet Hobbyists do). perhaps a smaller venue and day cnange is on order.

New Date:
Now I'm thinking of an intimate small cocttail party for half a dozen Hobbyists and half a dozen Providers for Saturday night, Feb 11th. Vallentine's Day can me the theme.

What We Have:
3 well-reviewed providers willing to come... and me as a Hobbyist (Guys? Don't let me be the only one.... I might have a heart attack from the excitement which means I won't be able to Hobby the rest of the  decade ... lol).
Providers seem to me to be more open to coming to a party to meet their peers (and hopefully potential new hoppyists), yet I don't think the same holds true for Hobbyists. From what I'm hearing, fewer guys can escape in an after-work or early-evening party situation. Glad I'm past that personally. LOL!

Who's Game?
Let Me Know... or write a Provider you already know I see quite often and ask for the nitty gritty... lol. I'm a diamond member on Date-Check, so there are over 15 peeps you may already know who I have now had the pleasure of being with ;-)

A 4 Star Hotel near Norwich Connecitcut. The Sutie for the fun is on me. Cocktails, perhaps, may be on me.  See below.

I'm thinking a cocktail party from 6 to 9 .. or 7 to 10 .. or whatever. If it shouild just be two hours and then a par-tay in a suite, give me feedback I'm totally new at some of this. Just seems to me to be fun, fun, fun.

Only well reviewed Providers... and only Hobbyists who are listed as having reiviewed at least 3 to 5 gals within the last 6 months.

Women - nothing at all. Their companionship in the past for me, and for joining us here, is good enuf!
Guys - If the coctail party is only 8 of us or so, could be my entire treat. Or, perhaps you each throw in $75 bucks to offset tips and some drinks. Let's just see who signs up.

This will be my 2nd time to treat for other couples. First was this past Saturday, which was a tremendous time for just four of us who went: Cocktails... Dinner... a concert seeing Reba McIntyre... and a par-tay after that I can't talk about here ... lol ... :-)

After This One:
Perhaps an intimate dinner for a few of us and the Van Halen concert when Van Halen hits town in early March :-)

... a Verification minimum of 3 TER reviews.
Or some other way to verify Hobbyists are Active.

You have one Review on TER under your belt.
Are their other providers you've seen recently that you are behind in completing reviews for?
Or, other sites for verification?

Secondly, Tues Feb 14 in the early evening seems to be more difficult for gents to attend.
Thinking of switching the date to Friday, February 11th, maybe from 7 to 10 or 8 to attend.
Is that a day you could you make if we held the Valentine's party a few days earlier?

- to be held at a 4 Star hotel near Norwich Connecticut. And to be held in a private Suite.
- probably limiting the number to 6 or 7 Providers (looks like we have 3 so far expressing interest), and 6 to 7 Hobbyists.
- Cost: Ladies, free. Gents, $80 to offset drinks and other costs for both the gents and ladies, and to be in the company of gorgeous gals.
- Open to: Only well reviewed Providers... and only Hobbyists who are listed as having reiviewed at least 3 gals + within the last 6 months. With the providers being reviewed to be well reviewed providers.

PM or email me at with questions, expressions of interest, comments, and/or suggestions.


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Because if I did and trust me I think I did even though I had to check four times!!! I am beginning to think you have amazing taste in music. My only question is who is singing? Sammy? I know he has his own band Chicken Foot now and they are amazing live.


I wrote too much in this blurb... lol.
I need to not say as much in the future... lol.
But this past Saturday night romp of cocktails and dinner and then us running off to the Reba concert was just too much fun and still in my self concious.

Based on good feedback that many hobbyists can't break away easily Valentine's week, the Cocktail Party I began to mention above will now be just a nice small group.... Perhaps 5 or so Providers and hopefully the same number or so of Hobbyists. And it will be just be a party get together with no concert treat after.

But, Grace, you are very perceptive in picking up on Van Halen night. Ccoincidentally I am going to have one or two more industry couples to dinner and to that concert... I'm just waiting to find out if I can get 4 to 6 good tics for it to order to finalize who the 4 or 6 of us will be.

Good fun sometimes comes in small gatherings... HaHaHa.

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