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TGIF, and you know what that means. Yes, it's time for Porn Star Friday! That's when each of you get to tell us who your favorite porn star is for the week. It can be an old favorite, a new flame, someone you'd like to see, or just someone you think seems cool! Doesn't need to be a known provider either.

Please post a name in the subject line plus include a photo and/or a link.

Bottom’s Up,


She is incredible!!! How in the world can we get her to provide... she would make a fortune.

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None other then Teri Weigel! Anyone have an appointment with her recently? No new reviews in quite a while.

I would love to meet her!

I know you love it when I find these hidden jewels for you pervs!  :-)

She's also in South Beach Crusin 3 with Esperanza Gomez.

I'd love to meet her.  Does anyone know if she is available?

oh yeah is right.... i've been thinking about seeing her for a long time... hopefully will take the plunge soon...

ive been with her like 4 times already,,shes fun

I think she's beautiful but is she a "porn" star?

in others maybe not because she hasn't done hardcore, yet, but she has done some film ( masturbation and girl/girl) and plenty of pics...see the link below.

what are your thoughts now? more pic!  :)

i'll give that to you, but it's not porn to me....

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Gone but not forgotten...Venus, mis this sex kitten here at TER
Always hoping she'll return...holla

Ashley, where have you been?  Miss your jokes and pics.....don't we all?


Wish I knew how to post a pic or a link...yeah I know..I'm too lazy to read the board to figure it out..LOL
But these 2 are the epitome of unbridled sexuality IMHO

i'll be filing a full report on this Asian legend later this week.....if i don't have heart failure first.

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