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Who is a TER Moderator? The guy who posted on TBD?

Despite my many posts here, I am certainly not a TER Moderator.

Or were you referring to someone else?

A guy over on TBD is claiming that his post was censored here, deleted before the "hold" period had passed. If its content was clearly in violation of Board Rules, of course that's fine, but I had the impression that the 24-hour hold wasn't even in force.

Is this guy full of it? It would be just like TBD and his cronies to accuse this Board's Moderator of something he never did - that was what he did in the MGC case. There is no behavior too low for TBD to stoop to it.

Seems funny to me there are so many new guys trying to find out info all of the sudden, I for one wouldnt even give it a second thought if it was posted on TBD, I myself am very leery of any guy I am not familar with right now wanting to find out info on my favorite gal.

Who is a TER Moderator? The guy who posted on TBD?

Despite my many posts here, I am certainly not a TER Moderator.

Or were you referring to someone else?

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I contacted that person and he forwarded the post that was NEVER allowed here. Seems a bit unfair and the post was not a bad one, although it did express his opinion and obviously dis-pleased someone here.

I find that to be sad ........ especially since I have historically used both boards in various areas of the country for the purpose of getting information and I used to assume that posts were allowed to go up even if they were not complimentary to the board in general, as long as they were written with courtesy and manners.

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A couple of thoughts:

This board is moderated, as is TBD. You can certainly look at moderation as a form of censorship, though I would like to think that the decisions as to whether a post is dismissed is based solely on rules. I can see where sometimes those rules are open to interpretation, and that's where it gets grey.

I don't know the contents of the post in question, but I'd like to think that we are capable of withstanding a difference of opinion. We are all adults here, and most of us are pretty good about acting like it. If we're being shielded from something that might be offensive, then I find *that* offensive.

OTOH, the moderator may feel that the message *was* against the rules (i.e. flame, compromising information, etc.), and deleted it. It is the moderator's call, that's why he's there, and we either have to trust him or try and find a relacement.

It's also possible that the message that was originally submitted was not the same message that was forwarded, or that there was even a message to begin with. That gets into a whole lot of intrigue and crap that I'd prefer not to have to deal with, and the fact that the thought even came up says a lot about the current situation.

So a suggestion: perhaps if a post is rejected, an e-mail should be sent to the originator explaining why the post was rejected, i.e. the specific rules violation. It would give the poster a chance to fix the problem, as well as giving some feedback on how to be a better member of the board.

Hm... hey, is e-mail required to post?

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Can you forward the post in question post to me at admin@theeroticreview.com.  


-- Staff

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Why are my posts not going up?  As to the e-mail, sure, as soon as I get back to my other office.

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I could be wrong, but I think there is a hold placed on messages from new posters-- once you've proven yourself, your posts are pretty much added automatically.

The guy to ask would be srvfanmn, if he wants to say.

Wofat,  I could not agree more with you.        My first message that I posted on here was held for 24 hours, but after that they are automatically put up.  My two cents worth.  :D

Kahuna -
You are correct about a hold on new posters. Typically it takes about 24 hours to get posted. After either a certain amount of time has elapsed or number of posts have been made,(I'm not sure which)the "thanks for posting" message changes to indicate that your posts have been set active immediately.

Hope this helps!

Papa G...OUT!!

Da_Stinger26969 reads

Initial posts are held?  Until you (ahem) 'prove' yourself? Sheesh ...... I find that to be a bad policy. Guess if a first time poster rolls in with a burr in his butt, he will be summarily dismissed as a 'useless' person.

Of all that was said bad over here regarding the other board (and somehow the TER mod still allows it to go on), I will offer this much, from what I previously read on the other board, it appeared that all comments were accepted, regardless of how harsh, regardless of who rolled in and made them. Now THAT was truly a clear message.

Frankly, the topic should die.  I see the rancor here as an avenue to build traffic and the little e-mails that were sent out to some posters on the other board, telling them to come here instead, was in poor taste. A small backchannel group shared them with each other and if I am not mistaken, the (finally arrived) post by the TER Mod from another area, made a comment about that. At least that is what I think the e-mail I received said. I will check that when I get back home to my desktop. Regardless of whether that part was censored or not, it was still in poor taste to have those little e-mails floating about and I think the management on this board was fully aware of it. I am writing to TER Los Angeles about the whole sad affair and will refrain from posting further about this.

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If a first-time poster rolls in and screws up royally, then it serves to not let their post through. As a matter of fact, it doesn't matter whether you're a first-time poster or not: if you don't play by the rules, you pay the price.

Now if you believe that TBD (and yes, we can mention it directly) accepts all comments regardless of how harsh, then you haven't been around very long. TBD has a long history of removing, editing, and blocking posts of those folks who didn't play nice. Even very recently. It goes with the territory. Now if you truly believe that TBD (or ANY board) is all about freedom of speech, I have some prime wetlands available at really good prices.

The moderator here doesn't have control over the e-mails that other folks send you. I seriously doubt that he either encouraged or was knowledgeable about them, but you are entitled to your opinion.

Certainly if you have a complaint, you should feel free to make it.

Being the cliche' master that I am, I thought this little phrase does apply to this situation.

I have tried to avoid all the drama associated with who thinks who did what to whom. suffice to say I voted with my feet and am here now to enjoy the comraderie of fellow posters who feel/felt the same as I.
The conclusion is: if you feel comfortable with posting on TBD; then post there, if not than don't post there.

IMHO, I say enough is enough, as bad as it was put the past in the past and create a bright new future for yourselves.

Wild; OUT!

My understanding was that only posts that clearly violate the Rules of Engagement here would ever be rejected or removed. Outright flames are against those Rules, but I would not want to see contrary opinions stifled. Plenty of other places to go for that.

And I personally have nothing to do with what is or is not allowed here. I am not a TER Moderator, not am I in any way consulted about such issues. I just honestly would like to know if the guy who posted on TBD really did have a rule-abiding post rejected, or if it's just another load of B.S. from some TBD shill.

I've never held any messages more than 12 hours and never deleted any. I check the board 2-3 times per day and Girl Next Door (mod of all boards)checks several times per day to see there is no queue of messages. If she has deleted any posts, she has not informed me about it.

Da_Stinger31130 reads

I am very disappointed too. I have used TER for over 2 years and always thought it was more above board than all of this nonsense.  

Regardless of what you or your child mountaineer says, at least the other board allowed the posts to go up immediately (no matter who posted them) and stay up even when they were pretty mean spirited.

I guess things at TER (in this area at least) are different now.

I'll bet my last posts never appear.

TBD could give us all lessons in "mean-spirited" behavior. Except, oops ... the enlightened Board management over there conveniently deleted the evidence of that. Now people roll in from all outside of MN and tell us how childish we are to be upset when TBD comes in and tramples on anyone he doesn't like.

I think you are in a real glass house insulting this Board, after TBD used his as a personal instrument for revenge.

Da_Stinger30524 reads

I was becoming angry with you. Now I realize that major sympathy is in order. You are quite literally 'eaten up' with this and it is not good for your mental state. When your right mind returns, you will realize this .... until then, I will just hold you in my thoughts as a person needing 'attention' and wish for your eventual recovery.

... is clearly just as heartfelt as TBD's "apology" was.

The ad hominem attack is the last refuge of the man with no true defense of his position. And couching that attack in false sympathy is pathetically childish and transparent.

If you are truly sympathetic to my "condition," then kindly go elsewhere, so as not to aggravate it further. Everyone knows you live far from Minnesota, and that you have no interest here save to support your buddy TBD. Leave us to ourselves, and you will have contributed greatly to my good mental health.

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