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I like basketball but also LOVE football....
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I can not wait until pre season.  Oh, football, food, and sex.  Can't decide which one is better.  I'd like all three at once and see LMAO.

I'm a ride or die Cowboys fan.  I know I know, lol, but I've loved them since I was 6 and won't stop.  I think with TO gone this year we will see a big improvement.  Lets just hope that Williams lives up to his expectations.

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we have a saying "The next best thing to an Eagles win is a Dallas loss".

Full disclosure, I liked Roger Staubach, and hated the 'Stillers'.

From a Fantasy League perspective, Romo should do well this year. Honestly, I see Dallas finishing third behind the Giants and Eagles. Sorry all you Washington fans, your team really stinks.

Williams is not a true #1. More like a #1.5.  Dallas' problem is their Defense. (And their Coach who will be gone within a year.)

And I do agree our defense, or lack there of, is our biggest killer.  

I also dislike Washington a whole lot and love it every time they lose lol.  Kind of like the Eagles :D

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UGA Bulldogs, got 50 yard line season tickets.  We won't miss Stafford, and the defense should be vastly improved.

.....but then again, i'm sure you have skipped  "that game in j'ville" sinse 1990........
go gators & loving the target on our back for this season......

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Jimmy how did you know about my mom and dad?

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Well, being the NY'er that I am, I'd be a traitor if I didn't say the Giants, of course!

work ethic and his willingness to take a hit. Sorry, but my beloved Dallas Cowboys made a mistake trading away their number one for a wide receiver. Reminds me a lot of the Joey Galloway trade a few years back. I see bust all over the place.

I do like RB Felix Jones however. I liked him better than his teammate Darren McFadden. I am not a big fan of selecting a running back in the first round, other than Emmitt Smith and Tony Dorsett of course, but I like Felix. Jason Garrett will design plays for him that will take advantage of his speed in open space.

I bet Felix even gets more Touchdown receptions than Roy Williams.

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We have us a few good guys.  We also have Whitten.  I think now that TO is gone the team won't be so stressed out and wondering what his dumb ass will do next.  

I hope they play Choice more this year though, than they did last year.  I can't wait until September.

September. The NBA playoffs have been fun this year, but my passion is Football, football and football. Did I tell you I like football?

I can not wait until pre season.  Oh, football, food, and sex.  Can't decide which one is better.  I'd like all three at once and see LMAO.

We dont have a football team so I dont have a fav.....sorry

The Seahawks have been my team since their inception. I hope we bounce back from the poor year we had last year.

We dont have a teammmmmmmmmmm awwwwwwww lawds!!!!! I live in Cleveland......AGAIN WE DONT HAVE A TEAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!

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It was kind of unique and they were a little nasty towards apposing players!

Perhaps some day we'll have a more meaningful discussion.  woo hoo!!!!

The Cowboys of course.  I've got season tickets to the new stadium and I live in LA.  Alot of traveling in my future.

Did I tell you I was born in Texas? South Padre Island to be exact. I love Cowboys football!

The Green Bay Packers! The Lombardi teams have to be mentioned in the discussion of all time best NFL teams!

Tom Brady plays half as well as he did in '07 and your teams are all toast!
By far, the greatest team of the new millenia!

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