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Is this a meet and greet? Never been to one.

Hello Ladies and Gentleman,

My friend, Lovely Lauren (laureninsd) and I will be hosting a passion party for anybody who would like to attend.  Just in time for Vallentines Day, there will be all types of adult toys, lubes, bath and body supplies, lingerie, etc. available for purchase.  We will also provide food and play games (with our clothes on, sorry!)  This will be a great place to meet other TER members and to buy Valentine's Day gifts for your ATF, or yourself.  After the presentation feel free to hang out and get to know one another, hand out business cards, etc.  
More details will be provided in the future, like where we will meet, how much the cover charge will be, and what the door prizes will be.  We are planning to give away free hours with a few providers and some of the items for sale will also be given away.  There will be drinking, but we don't know yet if it will be BYOB or supplied.   It's possible at this point that we might need to alter the day or the time of the event so please watch for future communications.

Lauren and I really want to have a huge turn out of both men and women.  You are all welcome to come.  If anybody has any special talents or donations we can raffle off, please let us know.  

Only over 18 allowed.  Babysitting might be provided if there is a need.  Please let us know when you rsvp.

Please rsvp sending an email to:
Include your TER handle and a return email address.

I'll try to attach a photo of myself here.  I wasn't able to when I posted the origional event information.

I will attach a photo of Lovely Lauren and her website link here.

The owner of Earthly Delights Photography will have a place set up to do photo shoots for the ladies.  Ladies can sign up for their shoot when they arrive and will be seen in order they sign up in.

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smooches, would love to get in on this party.
my former employer used to host them and she still had a ton of nifty things which we got to enjoy later, heehee.

is there a particular RSVP email addy or just straight to the hostesses?


Is this a meet and greet? Never been to one.

Yes, this is a meet and greet.  I've only been to two.  I hosted a small event for providers only about a year ago.  The guest speaker was an attorney.  This party is purely for fun.  There will be a bit of organization to the beginning of this party as the Passion Party hostess, Roxanne, gives her presentation on the different products available for purchase.  After her presentation she will be available to take orders.  Buying these adult toys and products is completely optional and intended to be entertainment for the party more than anything else.  The entire time there will be a photographer available to photograph the ladies.  There will be plenty of time available to eat, drink, and mingle.  It's a great opportunity to get to know other hobbyists and providers.  I am going to ask for a donation of some sort from the men.  This money will all be going towards the rental of the facility, food and drinks, raffle prizes for men and women.  I don't know how much this will all cost yet, how many people will want to come, or exactly what prizes we can afford to give away.  
If anybody has any suggestions for more entertainment ideas, or if you would have door prizes to contribute, or a talent you would like to donate, please let Lauren (laureninsd) or me (freyalovesu) know.
If you would like to come to this party please let me know.  I would like to have at least your email address and TER handle to get you on the list.  I will be setting up a means to pay for this event asap. You can pm or email us.  

My ability to come will kind of depend on location and my ability to come up with an excuse.

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I just may be in the area for New Year's!  I'll definitely try to make it!


Would love yo come. Will wait for more details.

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