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Tia Gunn
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Is she still available?  I saw her several times a few years ago under the name of Pamela Stacks traveling for Fog City.  Anyone know how to reach her?

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She's listed with Pam Peaks I believe.

Pam?  If that's the case, might as well say she's unavailable.

What's wrong with Pam Peaks.  She has every porn star listed under her website?

Only thing wrong with Pam and her agency is twofold:  I've tried on five previous occasions to book something with her and have yet to even get a reply, and her rates are perhaps the highest in the profession.  I can accept the second issue but not the first.

I've booked through Pam 6 or 7 times in the past,so you could say I'm a regular... she has not been returning my emails lately either.  The good news is that most of the girls on Pam's site are available independently.  Just email them direct, and you'll get a better response.

You touched upon my initial issue, 'Niner.  How does one reach Tia Gunn directly?

That's a huge pic dude. Lifesize lol.

As for Pamela Peak's website, I'm sure she has had many requests to do a simple update but she never responds. No one is saying the site has to have flash or blinking lights, but a refresh of available talent or even a search button would be cool.

I have booked with Pam a few times, and at first thought the same thing you gentlemen have.  However, I think Pam gets a TON of BS mail.  Sometimes sifting through the BS offers can be a bit time consuming.  Once you book with her once, she responds very quickly.  She usually requests a small deposit, once you have been verified and I think this helps seperate the fakers from the sincere gentlemen.  Give her a chance, and it helps if you have some referrals.  Just my two cents.

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