Mantra Body Temple
MN_GentleMan 3063 reads

Has anyone been here and have any praise, warnings or maybe an interesting story?  

Most of the massage therapists are SUPER cute so you may want to at least check out their site.

info4all1939 reads

I've read in earlier posts or on another board that it is the standard tease.  Will get you excited but no HE

Average massage.  You're on your own if you want a HE.

Sorry to dredge up this thread, it came up in a search for Mantra Body Temple. I've seen ads with photos recently on BP and checked out the site. On their rates and services page they call their Thai Yoga session "Bangkok Bang Bang."

So I came here to research. If all you get is a massage or even DIY, I call that false advertising.

Doubly sad that their providers are quite cute...

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