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What do you think of Chad Johnson changing his name?  Plus him making a mistake while legally changing his name?  Instead of two word he mistakenly wrote on word "Ochocinco" instead of "Ocho Cinco"?

johnhuntback28489 reads

Just another way for him to draw attention to himself. He craves attenton almost as much as Terrell Owens.

ehy5rth28053 reads

chad johnson is a
great receiver and perhaps on
a winning team he would put up even better numbers.
I love his antics, especially the "hall of fame jacket" bit. It was hilarious.
chad is not good for the locker/room.

who would you want on your team?
owens? or johnson???

He may be an attention whore but I have yet to hear him pissing and moaning as much as Owens does outside of a bedroom.  He is such a lame.  I was thrilled when Wade put the gag order on the Cowboys this year cause that meant he was going.  THANK GOODNESS!!!

Chad it is.

He had no other reason to change except to draw more attention to himself.  Whatever though, I guess when you have that much money it doesn't matter what you do.  

I think I'll be siete from now on.

I think the guy is suffering from legit mental problems. Not sure what set him off but the last few years it has went beyond being "cocky", I think the guy in certifiably insane.

Change it to  Oucho  Stinko

Thank you
XLIV = 4

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