we would like to introduce ourselves....
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hello, ladies and gentlemen of the twin cities. we are a fairly new agency to this area and would like to let you know about our website and invite you to check out our lady of the month who is featured on the eros guide, her name is Katie and she is offer an outstanding special this month only!!!! Check out our site and let us know what you think!

Just something I stumbled onto.  Called to reserve an appointment, same message as for Brittany (whom I have wanted to meet for some time, but never works).  Looks like this agency is legitimate because Brittany has been around for awhile.  Take it for what its worth


actually, I  have been answering the phones for the lady who operates mfe she has been sick for a couple days and I know her from a few years ago. The ladies that work with her are very nice girls and, I hope you all give them a chance. As for me not ever being available, you'll have to call me sweetie and let me know who you are. If you have been calling in the past week or two I probably declined you because I didn't know you, sorry!!!!

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