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Contact info, rates, rating would be appreciated.

1.  Ginger Lynn

2.  Kobe Tai

The list can go on, but I'll limit it to two (for now)

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Kobe Tai books thru various Agencies (i.e., Famous Connections, Exotica 2000, Nici's Girls and ASF Platinum Girls), but credible sources have told me that she is bookable if approached correctly while featuring like they have done.

Ginger Lynn Allen is been said to escort but on a very high end were The High Rollers can ONLY afford her. She also books thru several of the above listed Agencies and if you catch her featuring, make the right approach, have the "dolares" on hand then you might get surprised.

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Phyllisha Anne had her listed on one of her wesbsites (Phyllishas Playpen) that is not currently up (Change Of Web Host) and at the CES Convention in January several hobbyists also told me that she was approachable but did not met her physically.

She use to have a website that offered Bachelor Parties were she had Porn stars such as Shayla Leaveux, Raquel Devine, Jessica Drake, Phyllisha, Farrah and others but that site went down last year as well.

My suggestion is to check with Phyllisha Anne (SexualBunny@Qwest.Net) or e-mail Keri directly @

Seth A/K/A The Doctor

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I saw you post Phyllisha Anne's email address as and also as  Are both of these valid, are is there a typo?  Tx.


I am pretty good with remembering the acronyms, e.g., BBBJTC, and have of course read the terms section of TER, but some of the face emoticons I am not familiar with.  Can you comment on the following?






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:-@ : Lenghty Answer.

:-& : Irritated Answer.

:-D : Bigger Smile.

:-X : Information answered on the Subject Line and/or short answer with no information on the Message Section.



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