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Kudos to the Host!
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Many Thanks for another excellent event!  It was an amazing evening!


It was a great evening filled with good food, libations, laughs and sexual antics! I always enjoy seeing so many of my old friends and catching up on things and meeting all the new people that come to each party. We had a wonderful group of new M&G VIRGIN's...and I know I enjoyed popping their cherry so to speak!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed hosting it!

Special thanks to all the ladies as my "No Show" rate was 0%!! I truly appreciate your commitment!  

Last one before the winter break will be in November! Please email me at for more info....

Guys: I need your TER Handle, 2 recent references including their email and websites.
Ladies:  I need your TER ID, website and personal ad link

Thank you all for making this a very enjoyable and successful evening!

Your Host,


BTW: I am always looking for feedback on ways to make it better so send it to me...


Many Thanks for another excellent event!  It was an amazing evening!


I had an absolute blast! What a night! It was so nice to see everyone having a great time. I dont think I would change one thing.  I am NO LONGER A VIRGIN!!! YAY!!
Hugs and kisses

I've been to a few meet & greets and yours is the best.
You are a wonderful host thank you for everything!
And to the gentlemen who helped with transportation and
a nice time behind my closed door thank you ! You know who you are...
To the many  others both men and women it was a pleasure meeting you .

What more can one ask for in a meet & greet? I have wonderful memories
and some new pictures too!  A wonderful group of ladies who
if not for your m&g would not have met. You are a head above the rest .
My hats off to a wonderful host thank you !


I've been to a few and all I can say you host one of the best M&G's (if not the best) If there is anything I can do to help for the next one let me know

Made this event truly special.  What a night!  Glad I made the trip up from Jersey...I met a number of hotties there that night that might be hearing from me if they ever travel down NYC/NJ way.  As for the lady I took my back to my room afterward for birthday follies... :)

Looking forward to making the return trip in November.  It looks like it's going to be a fun Fall!

This was my first M&G, little nervous in the beginning but quickly got settled in. Will I get re-evited for the next one or do I have to reapply with refernces? Thanks for a great night.

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