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Giro d'Italia
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Am I the only one who cares? It's being broadcast in the US on an obscure channel (Universal Sports) that many systems do not carry but fortunately mine does. I love watching it and would love to find a lovely lady who shares my fascination with the sport but how unlikely is that?! Maybe I should go back to watching football and baseball but somehow I've lost interest. Any other cycling fans out there?

You are not alone.  I have always preferred the Giro over the Tour de France.  It is a much better race with a fewer prima-donnas.

Last year the Giro was broadcasted on Versus, a cable channel. I do not know why Versus is not showing the Giro this year as Versus has many of the "Spring Classics" and a few other smaller races.  

You can also pick it up on the net at

I have that channel!

Did you see how they took turns wearing the Pink before they stopped racing because of the dangerous obstacles on the trail.

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