BBBJNQBS will never catch on - eom - not rhythmic or humorous
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I've seen it (and variations of it) lately. Any ideas?

He spends many hours coming up with acronyms for things. Some catch on, like BBBJTEOKU (Bare Back Blow Job To the End Of the Known Universe).

This looks to me like one of his creations that didn't

NQ could mean "not quite"
BS is not what we usually think of as BS
It must be some deep pagan mystery.
I'll have to ask my RealDoll after I pump her up with laughing gas.

Bare Back Blow Job, No Quitter, But Spitter.

Bare Back Blow Job To Completion With Swallow
or Bare Back Blow Job With Swallow

Forget about all this NQBS BS.

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