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Thank you Tasha !!!! Count me in. (e)
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This was already in the making somewhat, but I am taking the reigns to make sure we can all party like rock stars LOL.

So the minor details are......Gentlemen, I need your first and last name, credible provider reference, and your board handle.  Ladies, I need your board handle, stage name, link to website and reviews.  

This is a costume party and will be held October 29th from 7pm until we can't drink or stand anymore :)

Come one, come all, as long as you pass screening you are all welcome to join in on the festivities.  I encourage EVERYONE to dress up because this year we will have prizes for best costume, most creative, and an undisclosed category :D  Men and women will be eligible for the prizes.  


Looking forward to another great partyyyyyyyyy!!!

Tasha Vegas & Company :D

...which NOBODY can deny!!  Thank You, Tasha.

Costume suggestion for YOU......SuperWoman!!

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Playboy bunny. You certainly have the cleavage for it. 2nd choice, private school girl, complete with pony tail. Think Britney Spears in her "Ooops, I did it again" video.

Both looks would be perfect for you.

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Actually, I'm a trick who'd love a treat. This should be epic, I'm gonna go as a really, really horny guy (already have the costume).

This has to be one of the top ten funniest responses I've ever read on this board.  You are to funny!!!  I hope you join in on the fun and glad everyone is excited.  Now I need to figure out my costume!

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I think you would look amazing as a sexy nurse, short white skirt, matching fishnet, barely buttoned shirt, cute little cap.

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I want to come but I'm new to this and don't have any references!  What can I do?

Posted By: halochee
I want to come but I'm new to this and don't have any references!  What can I do?
Just a guess, maybe try and see 1 or 2 providers in the next month or so and get some references?


So it has been brought to me that we can actually have a more high scale party this time around.  Private residence, DJ, fully stocked bar, heated pool, as well as catered food.  But with this comes a catch 22 of course.  

So I was wondering ladies and gents.....would you rather have a more relaxed automosphere where there is no door fee and you pay for your own drinks or food.

Or would you prefer a more private setting, with all the food and drink you can handle but the men have to pay $50 at the door and the ladies have to pay $20???

I would love to hear what everyone has to think even if you don't plan on attending.  Would you have a problem paying the door fee if you were a male or female??

Thanks for the input in advance :)

My opinion is not necessary. I'm just happy that an event is in fact in place and the venue is decided.

What Tasha is asking is would the many prefer the cheaper low key event by hosting at a local establishment where the cover is free but the food and beverage is on you.


Would you prefer to try a very upscale venue that comes with a heated pool for buzzed skinny dipping, catered light offering food, full open bar, private security and unlimited parking..... for what I would consider cheap as well.

It would also only be open to the first 150 guests only.

I opt for the mansion but will settle for the bar. that heated pool with a couple lovely ladies by my side imbibing the fruit of the vine!!  

Oh, dayummm, I forgot cowboys can't tread water!!!  :)

But seriously, that private setting is what we used back in the good ol' days!!  Those parties ROCKED!!

My opinion....

Posted By: TashaVegas
 Private residence, DJ, fully stocked bar, heated pool, as well as catered food.  But with this comes a catch 22 of course.  

pay $50 at the door and the ladies have to pay $0???

input :)

I will attend either way. In MHO the place matters less than the people that attend.

private house with the perks sounds great.....

I like the house parties much better by far!  I have no idea how much it costs ot have a party at a private residence. But if you get 100 guys at $50 each that's $5K and like I said I have know idea how far that will go! Also I don't think you should charge the ladies! The more ladies you get to show the more guys you will get there!  Just my .02

We don't have a choice as it wouldn't be a residence like before.  And the person who would be considered "the owner" of said venue is requiring 50 for male and 20 for female with a minimum of 140 people.

As for 100 guys, that sounds great but honestly, excluding the annual January party, I think out of the 20 or so parties I've hosted, we've only once had a 100+ guys.  

This is Vegas and the bulk of the people who attend our parties aren't locals like places such as LA.  Our local base is smaller so we tend to host our parties here around larger conventions, trade shows, and holidays in order to boost attendance.  January is so huge because the porn convention obviously has a HUGE following as does CES which over laps.  

We can't promise "the owner" the things they are asking for. And because we don't mandate donations at the other parties, the people who have previously shelled out the finances to host them haven't received even a third back of their expenses.  

We have always said that if you host a M&G it has to be done because you want to get the community together for a good time.  But there is only so much people can do at this time and I can't say I blame them.  

So, me and a few others are tossing around a few ideas and regardless, I can assure everyone this party will be as wonderful as all the rest :)

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why do the men pay more? I'm so damn attractive the girls should pay my way!

I prefer the more private setting and will pay $50.00 for it.

Dear Tasha:
Is it possible that you would be able to take request from clients before and after the party so that it would enable you to go tricking and treating?

Is always better..... I don't mind dishing out 20 bucks for an amazing time in Vegas once again

I'm coming to LV with a couple of travel buddies that weekend. I'm on TER and TBP but they aren't. I will vouch for them since our trips always include hobbying. If I am properly screened and pass, can I have them as my guest without them being screened?  As for the venue, I'd vote to pay $50 and have it at a private location. I'll even pay for my buddies.

They shouldn't have any issue passing screening.  EVERYONE who attends must be properly screened, no exceptions.  Sorry.

Please help me decide.. I want to go for "Naughty" this year..

What was I thinking saying i won't be back till January?


...I want to attend, but I have some personal matters scheduled in the beginning of November that prevent me from travelling out to Vegas at the end of October. I miss you and all of the Vegas Party People!!! So many super memories ( and so many super times I didn't remember,  

I am so jealous and need my party fix so bad (hope you don't mind) I am planning a little party that weekend here in South Florida. In fact we can televise them both like they do New Year's Eve....It's be like
Rockin' In Halloween, Live from South Florida then Live from Las Vegas.....

Enjoy, be safe and have one or two for me.....

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