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Just bought this new sweater, let me know what you think...
Bea.Weston See my TER Reviews 18334 reads

Focus. Focus on the sweater.

I'm 27, I have a penchant for older men, nice hotels, and finding great deals on sweaters.

Physically I'm short and slim (5'5"-ish 115lbs). I have naturally blonde hair, so I'm pale (no fake tan) and I don't wear a lot of make up. I am pretty with blue eyes and a great smile.

Personality wise I have a sarcastic sense of humour. I laugh easily so if you're not that funny you'll at least feel funny around me. I am polite, punctual, and a quick study. ;) I'm a nonsmoker. I love guacamole. Besides the whole hooker thing, I'm pretty straight laced.

Sexually I'm really into orgasms. Giving and receiving. ;) When we meet, I want us both to enjoy ourselves, because it's more fun that way - right?

You can reach me via email: A link to my website is below. Thanks for reading!

ps the sweater is blue.

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... I love your ads to pieces.  You're hilarious!  Just paying credit where credit is due.  If you ever want some straight laced company I'm down for some sweater shopping ;)

Thank you Nia! : ) Due to our straight laced nature we will go shopping for conservative sweaters... extra high turtle necks ONLY.

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