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Re: No soup, popcorn only!!!! eom
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Terrell Owens finally arrives in Buffalo Last night !!
He gets a key to the city today ?

Like wtf.. Where my mother scratchin key to the city? Lived here all my life and pay the hella taxes...

Only in Buffalo!

So we can talk about amateur teams as well as the pros in this forum.

johnhuntback29294 reads

Hey, maybe that can be a new item on the menus up there!!  The "T.O." special!!!!  (haha)

Oh hell, I've been on a diet.  At this point, anything sounds good.

I know what you mean.  Going to the games will be easier now.  Not wondering if he's going to cry for not getting the ball.

He cries more than my 8 month old.  I swear talk about an attention whore.  "Oh Whitten and Romo are making secret plays behind my back."  You freaking puss, buck up!!!  Who cares even if they were.  Go do some push-ups and crunches in your drive way.

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The Bills have been Buffaloed.

Thank You
XLIV = 4

going to catch when the temperature drops into the teens?  TO is a lockerroom divider.  Sorry to rant but I saw what he did to the Cowboys.

He'll probably be driven out of town by the end of the season.  Great as he is, the TO Show about one thing...TO.  His presence may make the Bills more competitive in the short run, but he never get them to the promised land...

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