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I have a penchant for older men & nice hotels... (Brand new photo!)
Bea.Weston See my TER Reviews 18036 reads

I'm a 27 year old natural blonde with a great smile and a penchant for older men and nice hotels. I'm the young intern at your office, the flirty waitress, or the charming flight attendant - no one would guess I have a secret life. I prefer to keep my appearance natural, I don't dye my hair, do not have extensions, or wear a lot of make up. (I am really 27, and I am often told I look younger. Please don't assume I am fibbing about my age!) ;)

I have a (slightly less scandalous) job that I love, but for years I have toyed with the idea of becoming a companion. Yes my friends would be shocked to discover my secret life (can I buy defibrillators in bulk?) but I am glad I took a leap to explore this... I am having a lot of fun as Bea Weston. Everyone has fantasies - and I fantasize about someone just like you.

You can get in touch with me via email:

Take care!

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