Las Vegas

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Does Roxy look as good as her pictures?

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Any reviews?  Please share.

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follow the link to the Vegas Message Boards.....hope that helps!!  -kim xoxoxox

If it's the same Roxy, I've reviewed her on TER.

ghb5749 reads

Does Roxy look as good as her pictures?

I went back to her website to check for you.  All I can say is that the pictures are accurate.  If that is the look you like, you will not be disappointed.  I just did not find her as attractive as the previous reviewers.  She delivers all the right services, but her personality is a little droll.  My best experiences in L.V. have been with Montana and Tia.  But by no means was Roxy a disappointment.  Have fun and enjoy.

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There are 6 reviews of Roxy on this web site's "Escort Reviews" section.

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