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vt 84 Reviews 35147 reads

Um, I don't have anything else to say than that! LOL!

Go Lakers!

How bout their Coach!  What a classic!  Loved the Bulls when he was coaching!

See you in Chi-town next week, who wants to take me out to watch a Laker's game!? :)


SamanthaS31425 reads

Loved the Bulls when he was coaching there as well...LAKERS!

He barely gets out of his chair anymore.  He is to busy banging the owners daughter that he can't draw up a new play besides the triangle.  Worked with Jordan and team, but it's not for the faker's.  He needs to do something productive besides screw.  or at least come here and do it LOL.

He did a lot for Jordan, to bad he is trying to make Kobe the next Jordan :D

St. Croix30432 reads

Jackson's got a great gig. He lives in Marina Del Rey, makes $12M a year, banging a hot MILF type, and is one championship away from topping Auerbach.

He has had 2 hip replacements, hence not getting out of his chair. And don't knock the triangle. Thank God for Tex Winter for introducing it to Jackson. Most teams dribble the ball too much. The triangle is based on spacing, passing and movement w/out the ball.

Oh my!! :)  You're tough!  Almost sounds hypocritical coming from a sex Goddess :)

ha ha... just kidding :)

XO!  Go Lakers!


ps... don't forget i'll be in town this week.. have a couple of appt's avail still!  Laker's anyone?  What's the schedule! LOL... We can do a Lakers, drinks and appetizers special!  Are you game? :)  

Wed eve & Thurs look like the best options on this end... or, Friday mid-day (after 3)...Saturday day time as well before I fly out in the early eve...

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