Be in Spartanburg SC area 8/2-3-who should I see???
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This is a new area for me-who is the best GFE/PSE in that and surrounding areas-ladies,email me at

Griffin has a geocities web site, although I don't have it off hand. If you're a VIP member, read my review linked to the upper right corner of this post. Her website link is available there I believe.

Griff is 5 4, very cute, blonde and has a tight and toned body. I know she will travel to Greenville, you'd have to ask her about Spartanburg. E-mail me privately here at TER if you wish. MfSD.

Hey Zap, we're still hanging on here in the land of fruits and nuts lol. I will be through NC in September and driving down to Greenville SC to see Griff. Old Marco doesn't make a special trip like that unless it's really worth it ( : Take care, nice hearing from you Zap. MfSD.

This link should work. I just spoke with Griff on the phone, very sweet lady. She's vacationing at the seashore for a few days. MfSD.

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Thanks very muck-I have narrowed the field down to GRIFF,ELISE AND ELIZABETH-anybody else worthy? Anybody do Greek?

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