Massage Parlors

i started in the hobby with AMP's
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and that was over 25 years ago.

I remember  one  where I got  my first  rim job.  never  even asked.  That place closed down  many years ago.

I have seen  massage  places  sprout up all over the SF valley  over the last few years, but have only gone to a few of them personally.

After passing a few on my way to and from work, decided to try my luck.  This was 20 years ago.  Got a lovely Korean woman -- about 30 -- who gave a good massage, then reached under and started a stroke that turned into a BBBJCIM.  Saw her for years, ending when she retired and returned to Korea.  She and I became friends, actually, and had dinner now and then, exchanged birthday presents, that sort of thing....

I started with the AMPS as well.  A seasoned vet of the hobby introduced me.  Once and a while I still hit them up.

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