New England

Although Vermont always....confused_smile
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... threatens to secede.

Wow. We have another room to do "IT" in. I myself have a life goal to Christen every room with my neverending juices. Yipieee!

So that bring me to my question. If a provider posts her availability on TER Boston can she come over here too and post or is that more than one ad post per week? I would not want to be a naughty girl and break the rules, although being naughty does have its advantages. GRRR!

What is really considered "New England"? I have always thought it was the whole area north of Washington D.C. and east of Pennsylvania. If that is the case then Felicity's question is a good one.


I've always known it to be just the six New England states.

New Hampshire
Rhode Island

But then, I was born here.

Just the Hero Islands.  In the 80's they tried to get Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket to join them in the Island State.

Maine seceded from Massachusetts in 1820.  Until then it was the backwoods of Mass.

Hey Sexy,

Wow, here we are with "our" own room. You, if you remember, were the one that introduced me to this hobby. You were fantastic then and I'm sure are even better now and just as wild and responsive as always.

Guys, this is one lady that never puts the thoughts of pleasure and pleasing to the back of her mind. She is a non-stop sensual train that will leave you totally satisfied and definitely smiling for weeks!

Ted you are a complete blast of energy yourself. You taught me that older men can still get the job done...and boy do you do it well. I think you are one of the nicest "GENTLEMEN" that I have been graced with. You an I kind of grew up together on this board. I have definately grown as a provider and only gotten better. Thanks for such kind words.

I love what I do and when we did what I do it was done ohh so well. You are a frisky senior I could never turn down! I wish you well sexxy. Girls this guys is a very nice and wonderfully talented man. GRRR! What I enjoyed above that was his ability to conversate......his French was incredibl;e lolol!!! I believe a connection is not only established through mechanics alone.

I'm not even going to attempt to describe your abilities (damn it's getting hot in my office!)(Hmm, speaking of my office.... remember the evening you drove to K%$#^ and we did a number on my drafting table, desk, chairs, floor - did I miss any of the furniture?!) :-). Of course there were the numerous dinners where we had most of the other patrons staring at us (1st because of the age difference but mainly because they were jealous)!! .............. Ah yes!! (we should do it again sometime - and before I need my walker!)(lol)

Are even two rooms enough to contain you, Felicity? When I heard that all those politicians and media people were coming to New Hampshire, I thought "Of course - that's where Felicity is!" For any non-politicians and non-reporters out there: this girl is hott, fun and very discrete. I trust her - and I sure love spending time with her!

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