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Thanks - this is what I was looking for - great tips. Hope to use these soon!!!

New to the hobby and am anxious to start - but concerned about being ripped off, found out, etc etc.

Any clues on how to tell the rip offs, the set ups, the great ones or the lame. I have been reading the reviews and have paid for the VIP memebership (by money order) and am waiting for that to be approved.

Any clues on expected behaviors such as tipping? For an incall is the cost of the room typically included?

Many questions for the wide eyed rookie!!


Hi Newby,
Please check out the Service Guides button on the left hand side of the screen after you log in or just click on the link below. You may also email me directly. Have fun! There's a lot of great people here and we were all once in the very same position. This is about as good as it gets.

Welcome! I am new to MN myself, though not new to the hobby. There are potential pitfalls, of course, but many wonderful Ladies here, and marvelous experiences to be had. Misty, Nora, Tuzdae, Marissa, TJ, and the Ladies of the MGC all have great reputations. There are more, forgive me if I have neglected to mention other great MN Ladies.

Check the TER Escort Reviews. Even if you don't sign up for the Juicy details, you can get a good idea from the number or reviews and the ratings if someone is popular and well-liked. With the details, you can try to assess if a Lady's style and "menu" are what you like.

With any reputable escort, the price quoted should be all-inclusive. Incall is included, if that's how she operates. For outcall, transportation to your location is included, although if you are outside the Metro Area, you might reasonably expect a modest surcharge for the extra time and expense to travel to you.

Again, with reputable Ladies, a tip or other gift is usually appreciated, but never required. Once you get to know a Lady, you may have an idea of a thoughtful gift she might appreciate. Otherwise, cash is always nice :-)

As for being found out, that is a whole 'nother story. I am single, and I'm not in an especially sensitive sort of job, so I tend not to worry much. Perhaps some of the married guys, clergymen, and elected officials in the group can help you out ;-)

In general, learn how to clear all evidence from your computer. Even if no one else has regular access, you never know when someone might sneak a peek. There is plenty of software available to handle this - search the WWW. Also watch for a "paper trail" on things like TER Membership, etc. Best to pay cash whenever possible, or use Postal Money Orders, etc. Both financial records and computer records can be subpoenaed by a divorce lawyer, if it ever comes to that.

Watch out for perfume, lipstick, etc. One chap I know suggested that on the way home from seeing a Lady, stop and fill your car with gas. Intentionally spill a few drops on your hands - the smell of gasoline will cover up anything else, and it gives you a good excuse to shower, if you couldn't do that at the incall place.



Thanks - this is what I was looking for - great tips. Hope to use these soon!!!

We will help you with anything you want to know.  This is a wonderful clandestine world of marvelous fantasy which changes and grows to whatever you may desire.  If you need more specific info after reading the reviews here email any of us privately and we will fill in the gaps.

The mountaineer has taught you well.  Let the force be with you my son.  You will need it oh so much...... provided you are careful and choose wisely.

Serving ladies and gentlemen, I am

Noah of Minnesota

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