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Ahhh Yes, the Soft Touch of a Woman!regular_smile
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Laying beside you in slumber,
I dream of your deep embrace,
I taste your lips on mine,
I see such Passion on your face.

Your eyes see right through me,
They captivate my Soul,
I am yours deep in slumber,
Our Desires out of control.

Your Essence, it consumes me,
Your touch leaves me still,
You enchant me in my slumber,
Leaving me No free will.

Your way, so gentle and calming,
Your Heart beats srtong and true,
Entangled beside you in slumber,
My dreams are Only of you.
                     Nicole Kelly.

Come n play....

I am a very easy going Companion.
One you will find quite easy to just be yourself with.
Come n relax and lose the world for a while.

If an Intimately Passionate Sensual Tryst is what you Desire...
I am certain I can take you there.
See my reviews my site and come get to know me.

Providence Metro west NE all over the map this week...
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easily available feel free to get in touch...


Nantasket  just drivin around...

Really pretty!

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