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Hey guys,

Here is a sample:

Alexa Palm: AlexaPalm@Yahoo.Com
Angelica Sin: AngelicaSin@Excite.Com
April Summers: AprilXXX_2000@Yahoo.Com
Ashley Evans:
Ashley Anne:
Ayana Angel: Ayana_Angel@Hotmail.Com
Blake Mitchell: Blake_Mitchell@excite.Com
Brandy Dean: BrandyDean2000@Yahoo.Com,
Britanny O'Neill:
Britanny Andrews: 213-203-0132, 213-620-9383, MsBrittany1@Aol.Com:
Bunny Bleu: 818-785-1287, 818-750-2856, BunnyBleu@OnlyBunnyBlue.Com
Candy Cotton:
Candy Mellons: CandiMellons@AOL.Com
Caressa Savage: PornoQT@Yahoo.Com
Chloe Jones:
Champagne Pendavis: Champ43DDD@Aol.Com
Corina Curves: Corina@CorinaCurves.Com  
Cumisha Amado: Cumishaxxx@Hotmail.Com, 310-779-7319  
Deena Duos:
Diana DeVoe: DianaDevoe@Excite.Com
Domonique Simone: DomoniqueSimone@Aol.Com
Elizabeth Starr: SexStarr69@Aol.Com  
Gabriella Gotti: AwesomeEscort@Yahoo.Com
Gauge: Gauge@XXXGauge.Com
Harley Raine: HarleyRaine@Hotmail.Com
Heather St. James: heatherstj@Aol.Com
Jade Marcela: (No Current Updates!)
Jennifer Steele: JenniferSteele69@Hotmail.Com
Jewel: Jewel232323@Hotmail.Com, 202-422-3319 [N E W]
Juliana Kincaid:  [N E W]
Kathy Willets: KathyWillets@Hotmail.Com
Kayla Kleevage: Kleevage@EarthLink.Net
Keisha: Keisha@XXXKeisha.Com,
Kenya: KenyaXXX@Hotmail.Com
Keri Windsor: KeriWindsor@Earthlink.Net [N E W - Bachelor Parties Only]
Kianna: KiannaXXX@Yahoo.Com
Kimberly Kupps: KimKupps@GTE.Net
Lee Caroll: LeeCaroll@WorldNet.ATT.Net
Leanna Heart: OHLeanna@Hotmail.Com [N E W]
Leanna Foxxx: LeannaFoxxx@Yahoo.Com
Lisa Lipps: LisaLipps@LVCM.Com
Lynn Lemay: LynnLemay1@Yahoo.Com
Marie Silva: MarieSilva@MSN.Com
Maxi Mounds: MaxiMounds@Aol.Com
Mika Tan: WebMistress@MikaTan.Com
Mia Domore: MiaDomore@Yahoo.Com
Minka: Minkaxxx2001@Yahoo.Com
Montana Gunn: XXXMGunn@Aol.Com, ASFTracy@Aol.Com
Nena Cherry: 281-463-7103, XXXNinaCherry@Hotmail.Com [N E W]
Nici Sterling: Nici.Sterling@Verizon.Net
Nicole Sheridan: NicoleSheridan@Hotmail.Com
Nina Hartley: Nina@Nina.Com
Pamela Peaks: PamelaPeaks@Hotmail.Com  
PersiaXXX: PersiaXXX@Yahoo.Com
Phyllisha Anne: 818-346-4706, 818-801-KITY, SexualBunny@Qwest.Net
Rebecca Wild: Rebecca@RebeccaWild.Com
Renee Larue: Renee@ReneeLarue.Com
Ryan Conner: Ryan@RyanConner.Com
Samantha Strong: 323-574-3066
Samantha Sterlyng: Sterlyng@Prodigy.Net [N E W]
Sinnamon:, NastySinnamon@Hotmail.Com
Sara Jay: MsAss8008@Yahoo.Com
Sierra:, 310-346-0296 [N E W]
Sunset Thomas: [N E W]
Suzi Suzuki: Suzi@SuziSuzuki.Com
Tami Monroe/Kayla Coxxx: 310-617-5683 [N E W]
Tiffany Minx: Me@TiffanyMinx.Com
Taylor Wane: Taylor@TaylorWane.Com, TaylorWane@Hotmail.Com
Tricia Yen: Cell: 818-796-2675, Pager: 818-682-0585
Utah Sweet: 916-838-0708, 916-772-9349,
Valtina/Cassandra Curves:

If anyone has updates for any Porn star contacts or would like to add to the list please do so. Since I have not check them all there could be some that are outdated so bear with me.

There are tons other but I have no authorization under any circumntances to provide them. I will only post those that I was allowed too.

Seth A/K/A The Doctor

-- Modified on 6/5/2002 4:59:10 PM

I suppose it would be asking way too much for a price estimate/range on these ladies?

Also, I know that there are agencies out there that list these ladies. Are they bad news? Good news? Do they rip you off?

Obviously I would be looking for a win/win situation ... one where I can spend the least amount of money while getting the provider the most amount of money as possible, unless of course the provider prefers the agency route.

Ah well, so many questions ... and I don't want to pilfer you with them all :)


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Prices ranges between $300.00-$2,000.00.

The well known Agencies have lots to loose if they do not deliver their goods since all of these boards are becoming focal point for the success of them and one screw up could mean a lot. Some ladies simply make them look bad for being flaky and/or inconsistently returning bad meetings.

Some have messed up in the past & present but overall they are OK. The reason I provide you the direct contact is that you avoid the 20%-60% increase in the ladies rates.

Establish a good reputation with the ladies and they will be your source of additional contacts.

Good questions,

Seth A/K/A The Doctor
PS. Take time an read the reviews of the ladies and ask before booking them.

oh, my God....27256 reads

anything on a contact w/ "Stevie" ????
I almost went ahead w/ adate when she was in LA but had a bad feeling w/her agency....

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I have Stevie's contact info but she asked me not to provide it to anyone at this point and by any media, SORRY!

Your best bet, if you do not want to book thru the agency that advertises her then book her thru Stacey (VIPDate@Aol.Com) from Famous Connections, tell her about you not wanting to book Stevie thru the other agency and see what happens.

I am sure she will oblige!!!!

Excellent choice and I am also looking forward on meeting her. She is friends with The Beast Brooke Lane.

Seth A/K/A The Doctor

Concerning Gauge's new email address, This is the email address that Gauge gives out on her Yahoo Group, high on gauge. I have also contacted her through this email address. She recently quoted $2500 per hour, on her recent trip to LA.

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Thanks Michael, I went ahead and removed the AOL Addy because a hobbyist that saw her exchanged e-mails utilizing the AOL account and the person seem not to be Gauge because they did not know certain answers to questions that he had given her during their meeting and pertaining her career.

Thanks for your feedback and clearing things up. I hope you can continue providing us with your knowledge.

Seth A/K/A The Doctor

that's her old pager number. stopped working about a year ago. as far as that being her e-mail address, it may or may not. it was on her LA-Exotics ad a year ago but I never got a response from her. fortunately, i was able to see her b4 she disappeared from the scene.

I'm thinking specifically of Darla Crane.  She's on your list and I've never heard of her working as an escort.  If she is, then it's goddamned Christmas!!  I absolutely love her and having her to myself for an hour or two would be a dream come true.  Can you confirm for me that she and everyone else on the list is available to play?

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I only post who are available from credible sources that have provided me their contacts.

Again, some might be outdated but there is were all of the rest of the contributors come into the picure, to have the latest.


Seth A/K/A The Doctor

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Just received permission from Sunset Thomas to post her new e-mail address.

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Thanks for your input! keep them CUMING guys!

Seth A/K/A The Doctor

The list is amazing! Now how am I going to have any money left for rent with so many choices?!

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any contact info for raquel devine besides using exotica2000

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Sorry, but she is another that requested not to provide her information under any circumstances.

But since besides Exotica 2000 she books thru Famous Connections and Safe Angels you can negotiate with these three Agencies and get the best rate for her. Her perfomance will always be spectacular but your Wallet will have some change to spear.


-- Modified on 5/3/2002 11:28:27 PM

Doc, how did you get Leeanna's email address??  I'm wondering because she told me 2 weeks ago that she is no longer escorting & by posting her email address, people will think she is.

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