"The years teach us much that the days never knew."
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While I am not one to contradict Ralph Waldo Emerson, I believe that maturity, not chronology is the key.

Hey all,

I wonder whether there is a certain age difference that really can add to the experience. I like to chat, but like to have some common things to talk about, too! I find intelligence to be quite sexy and, well, you can only see that through talking.

I am thinking that the 10-15 year difference is probably going to be better than 20-25 year difference. But, I haven't a clue--hence the post to solicit opinions.

Thank you.

and some who are a few years older than I am.  I love them all.

I don't think age should be considered a major factor in terms of whom to see.  Some clients (and providers) see it differently.

You go ahead and decide what factors are important.

Your emphasis on intelligence ought to stand you in good stead.

Thank you Mr. Fisher.  How do you screen for intelligence? Anything in particular you look for?

You are are are roughly in the same age group. Mid-late 20's is about as young as I would want to venture. Seems like an intelligent true 35YO non-rushed low volume provider is what might be it. Of course, one has to experiment to test any theory!

In so doing, these gals are displaying their personalities and smarts (or lack thereof).

I also PM and email back and forth with them.

Some gals have blogs on their websites, which is always an excellent way to meet gals with a literary bent.  Those can reveal a gal's intelligence level as well.

Some times I get a recommendation from a hobby friend (guys and gals) for someone that they think I will fit with.  Most times those have worked out well.

however, I would worry about intelligence. I enjoy the variety that the hobby has to offer. I'm the same age as mrfisher, and my fav at this time is 23 years younger than me. And like mrfisher I've seen providers my age and older.   Make sure to read the providers reviews and web site. Many reviewers besides writing about the juicy details, will also mention other factors like intelligence and education.

When I first starting see providers I saw a couple of young providers,  it was not the best of experiences. so now I do not see the barely legal and slightly older escorts. . It was my experience they really didn't  understand the  concept of being a Courtesan.

Eventually you'll figure out what you like as far as age, body type, and   bedroom activities . Good luck

While I am not one to contradict Ralph Waldo Emerson, I believe that maturity, not chronology is the key.

just to note, that one of my regulars is 26.  I am 64.  Yes, the age difference does come up, but she is very intelligent, and we get along quite well.  We discuss all sorts of things whilst we come up for air, and both enjoy driving the other sexually gaga.

As a 60+ hobbyist, my natural tendency and comfort zone is women who are 40s +. That being said, I have had some incredibly satisfying dates with women in their 20s ( 40 years younger than me!), and 30s, women who are intelligent, personable, attractive and great lovers who appreciate the needs and desires of someone in my age bracket.
Conclusion - read her website, her reviews and her posts to get a sense if the provider would be someone that you would like to spend time with, irrespective of her age. If the profile is right, then go for it.

If I'm attracted enough to want to see her, I don't really care how old she is.  My first provider was a few months short of 19, and I was 59.  I have seen providers that are almost 50 as well.  Yes, intelligence is important, but my primary reason for going to see a provider is not conversation.  It does help if she can carry on a sensible conversation, but it's not the highest priority when I am with her.  I have taken one of my faves out to eat several times, she is about 30 years younger than I am, never noticed a second glance when we went into the restaurant.


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you are as old as the friends you keep..lovers too..

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even asked the question here if a provider in her 20's or 30's would see a guy in his fifties and I was almost riduculed by a couple of ladies for asking such a question.
I'm still a newbie but have seen 7 providers in the past month (ages 39-24) and have learned a lot, first seeing a well reviewed 39 year old (twice), she was great and spent about 15 minutes extra on the first session explaining how things worked, but the best sex out of all 7 was when I got lucky and got an appointment with a 25 year old swimsuit model who was a GFE pro so I guess in my limited experience you can have great times with providers of all ages.

I agree with everybody here that age isn't a big factor. I also agree that it is better to spend you time with an intelligent person. I do want to bring up a slight point that no one else has yet. Capacity and desire to learn. For instance, I am in my late 20's. While I do consider myself intelligent, I am intelligent enough to know that I do not know about many subjects. Should the fact that I cannot talk about certain subjects be the cause of concern? No. I think the attitude towards being open to that conversation in the first place is more important.

The beauty about different people getting together is that everyone brings different cards to the table. Nobody wants to have a one sided conversation while drool is slowly dripping out of the other's lip, but part of being a good conversationalist is also about asking the right questions when encountering a shaky subject. What better way to learn how to talk about it for next time?

So in my opinion, having a woman that is willing to learn and try to talk about anything (or, ;), how to DO anything) is of higher value than age or intelligence. A young intelligent woman could simply seem stuck up if she's not willing to learn more. An older woman with a simple base knowledge of various subjects could get very boring. I think the personality and willingness to converse is of a higher priority to age and intelligence.

Kiss me,


Thanks everybody. Good points all.

Thank you Mr. F. I had been trying to do what you said.

I agree with you Miss Kate--the willingness to try to learn new things means that you are willing to admit that you do not know a lot about a certain subject. It is hard for us all to admit such a thing. But, it is the first step in learning! Again, thank you everyone. A nice discussion.

Well said Kate.  Your emphasis on being open to learn is terribly important in anyone at any age  for all of us and it makes life a lot more worth living.  It's a hugely attractive, compelling trait and will serve you well. It may be the most important component of learning.

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I'll just quote Socrates: all I know is that I know nothing, except the fact of my ignorance...

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