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I was typing up my reply, and when I hit 'post' I noticed your replies. I guess we all said the same thing at the same time:)

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hello all... so i think i am ready for the excitement. As a first step i googled and was very pleased to see what life has to offer. However, i do notice, all agencies want to get my work phone to verify me. Since i am newbie, some may not accept me at all. So, my questions...

i) do other men feel comfortable in sharing employer name and phone number?
ii) are INCALLS safe?

To answer your two specific questions first of all
i) Some men are comfortable giving out their employer information, and some are not. Sometimes as a newbie, that is the only way to get started. Once you see a few gals, then you can get by with provider references. If you only stick to well reviewed, reputable providers, you should be safe to give up that information. But only you can decide how much info you are ready to give up.
ii) If you stick to reputable, well reviewed providers, then incalls are very safe.

Now some additional information:
1) Read the self help manual (at the top of the board near the life preserver) There is lots of valuable information there.
2) Read this forum back a few pages. You will see many topics covered over and over again.
3) Use the 'search' button at the top of the forum, to search for specific topics. Set the day range back to 300 or more (default is 30). Probably every hobby related question you can think of (and even some you can't think of) has been asked and answered already.
4) If you can't find what you want by reading and searching, come back and ask. There are many helpful people on the newbie board.
5) If you don't already have VIP membership here, get it. It is only 30 bucks a month. It will allow you to read all the important parts of the reviews (actual services offered, rates, juicy details) so you can do proper research, and select the right ladies for you. It also gives you access to the PM system, so you can PM other members.
6) You might consider joning a verification site. P411 and Date-Check are the most popular ones. RoomService2000 is poplular n the Chicago area. this may help you alleviate yoru fears about givng work info to providers. You will have to give it out to the verification site, but then think about giving it out once, vs giving it out to numerous providers.

Do all the research before you decide to see yoru first provider, then pick out well reviewed providers, and look for newbie friendly ones. Newbies should not TOFTT.

One more thing. In your origianl post you only mentioned agencies. There are good and bad agencies out there. But don't overlook independent gals. There are good and bad indies too. Just telling you that agencies are not your only option. In either case, research them and stick to well reviewed providers.

Have fun in the hobby:)

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ii) If you stick to reputable, well reviewed providers, then incalls are very safe.
I see that this is the conventional wisdom here, but I don't really understand how this can be true.  At least for fixed location incalls. How does being well reviewed make any difference from a LE point of view?  No matter what the reviews say, you still have neighbors watching a steady stream of men coming and going.  Seems to me that the risk of one of those neighbors reporting their suspicions to LE has nothing to do with the provider being well reviewed.  And if the incall location is an apartment complex, nowadays you should assume that all this hobbyist traffic is being watched by security cameras.  

So how is it that well reviewed providers means "incalls are very safe"?

There are cases (thankfully rare) of well reviewed providers being busted and then working with LE to entrap clients at their incall in exchange for leniency.

The only way to be 100% safe is to not participate at all.

The best way to be safe when you participate is to see the well reviewed providers as they have a track record, unlike others who are not reviewed yet, or have a few (possibly fake) reviews.

1) If an indy gal is well-reviewed it means it's unlikely she is LE herself.  Of course, she could have been busted and flipped, but that's very rare.  Also, independents are much less likely to be busted.  LE is focused on busting agencies and massage parlors because they get more bang for their buck.  Still, this is not a risk-free game.
2)  Most incalls are not permanently-fixed locations, like an apartment.  They are generally hotel rooms.  And if a gal is staying in a city for an extended period, she'll probably switch hotels for security.  I have been to many gal's apartments, however, and they can be quite safe as long as the gal is discreet.  In many such cases, the gal is low volume and sees only a few guys a week.  It's not like there's a turnstile outside her door.

they barely have $ to fill the up the cruisers with gas or even buy cruisers.  So busting a single escort is not a top priority. Yes it happens, but they're always looking for the most bang for their buck. They do that by setting up in motels, runnings ads on BP and busting as many guys in an afternoon or evening as possible.

Where I hobby the most, many "well reviewed" providers, if they have a static incall, will sign a short term lease, 6 months in one those huge apartment complexes where no one knows their neighbors. End of the lease they pick up and move to another huge anonomous apartment complex.
Most providers are not seeing 8 to 10 guys a day, a top provider is seeing very few. Do the math, if she charges $300 an hour, she'll do quite well just entertaining one guy a day. And if she does multiple hour dates, it's even better.  

First of all nothing is 100% safe. Everything we do here involves some risk. The idea is to minimize your risk.
Now the reason I feel a "well reviewed provider" is a safe bet for incall is because if she has reviews, it means she is an established provider and she is not LE. Reviews also usually tell you if the incall was clean, and in a relatively safe location, etc.

It is possible that a well reviewd lady has been busted and 'turned' but that is rare. LE tends to crack down more on agencies, because they can get a bigger 'haul,' or catch 'more fish.' They also sometimes set up stings where they run ads, then bust 'johns' showing up for appointments. If you TOFTT with a lady with no reviews, you could be walking into a LE sting, or a rob, or a beating from a pimp. if you go to an incall of a well reviewed provider, you can be relatively sure none of those things is going to happen to you.

Also a provider who has been around for a little while probably has developed some habits that keep her relatively safe. She will usually screen well. She will have a location where the traffic of men coming and going will not raise suspicion. She knows how to be discreet. Very few providers have incalls at their own homes. Many have their incalls at hotels and are constantly moving. Many who have long term incall locations still move their location from time.

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I was typing up my reply, and when I hit 'post' I noticed your replies. I guess we all said the same thing at the same time:)

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ii) If you stick to reputable, well reviewed providers, then incalls are very safe.
... neighbors reporting their suspicions to LE has nothing to do with the provider being ...  
I have to admit that this LE term is new to me but it did not take more than few seconds to figure. Bummer. With the amount of online presence of agencies and Indies i thought LE was non-issue. But it seems that risk is always there. Bummer again. I also assume it will be TER Policy in-appropriate to seek here one specific contact that other reviewers can verify is real and good? I am looking for BOSTON.

at the top of the page use the "Regional Board" drop down window and find Boston. Also check the Regional Ad Board for providers advertising. Under the providers handle is a link to her reviews, that will lead you to her profile and ads and web sites.  At the bottom of her profile are her reviews.

There is also a top 100 provider list for every city. It's at the top of the review page, look for  "Top 100" click on providers and then locate Boston. It takes 20 reviews for a provider to make the list.  The top providers will usually be the best in the area, however, there's  a lot of debate as to the usefulness of the list, as there are great providers in every city with less than 20 reviews. Budget restraints should also be considers as the ladies at the top of the list usually are more expensive to see.  

Now this is really important, grasshopper, Without VIP you'll have a difficult time figuring out who to see, so at the least get a 30 day vip membership.  The cost will be way less than if you choose poorly, trust me!   Finally, take with a grain of salt, anyone who dispenses advice on the newbie board using an alias. There is really no reason to use an alias on this board. Check the board, see how FEW people use aliases on this board. Good luck

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First, you need to understand that I am paranoid by nature. I have to consciously keep it under control so I don't become a complete lunatic. Although I am fairly new to TER, I am not new to the hobby. I just took a long break and now getting back into it.

i) I am not comfortable sharing any information so I don't do it unless it's absolutely necessary. There are providers who's willing to see you with very little screening. They are more risky so you need to be extra careful. I feel it's worth the risk because it keeps my personal information private. If you have the time and resources then you can go to Vegas and try a few outcall so get references. After you have couple of references, you can join P411 or other verification services. I also got a hobby (prepaid burner) phone. Although it helps to keep your information private, you may want to have a good reason to have it so others don't wonder why you have it. My feeling is why make it easy for others to track you. You never know who (whether it's LE or predator) is or could be tracking you. That's the same reason why I try (whenever I remember) to use alias for my posts.

ii) I do prefer incall, but I don't feel incall is any safer as far as LE is concerned. It's not that hard for them to set up a place with a faked provider with many good reviews and you will be walking into their space that they have better control of. The reason that I prefer incall is it's easier to keep my personal information private and less chance for anyone to track me. I would be very careful when you approach any incall. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason then walk away.

If you are not married and not in a steady relationship and don't have much money under your name then you may not need to be this careful, but I feel the trouble that you could avoid is well worth the effort. I would recommend you to get the VIP for TER. Although lots of reviews are not very useful, some are. If you use it intelligently (pay attention to the reviewer as well as the provider) then it could save you lots of trouble. I would also recommend, which I am going to follow myself, is getting STD tested on a regular basis. This hobby has its risk. We need to be extra careful in order to enjoy it, for the long run, without getting into too much trouble.

Learn to minimize tracks.  It is better to be more careful than you need to, than to wish you had been & no way to erase he trail.  
In general incalls are as safe as she makes it.  The best part of incalls is the location is in her name.  Once you hit the street, there is no paper trail or registration linked to you.

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