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So I am interested in seeing a BBW pornstar who requires you fill out a booking form on her website first. However, I am confused because it has you pick what event you want to book for. I am looking for a full service PSE session but this is the list of "events" I have to choose from to book her:

$2000 Arm Candy Companionship Event
$800 Club VIP Hosting Event
$1,500 + tips Performing for Clubs (1 set only)
$500 Club Walk Through (1 HOUR MAX)
$1,000 Performing for Public Parties + Tips (40 or more persons req.)
$600 Performing for Private Parties + Tips
$1,000 VIP Hosting Club Events
$800 Performing for Private 1 on 1 Settings In The Nude (NON-SEXUAL)
$1,000 Special Guest Apperance Walk Through (3 HOURS MAX)
$300 Store Signings (2 Hours Max)
$400 Private Fan 1 on 1 Meet & Greets (NON-SEXUAL)
$1,500 Fan Private 1 on 1 NOT FOR SALE Movie W/Signed Contract
$3,000 Fan Public 1 on 1 For Sale Movie W/Signed Contract
$2,000 Fan Private 1 on 1 NOT FOR SALE Movie & Photo Shoot W/Signed Contract
$4,500 Fan Public 1 on 1 For Sale Movie & Photo Shoot W/Signed Contract
$500 Fan Photo Shoot W/3 Outfit changes(90 MINUTES MAX)
$100 For Radio Drops
Amateur Porn Company** Pay TBD
Industry Porn Company** Pay TBD
Start Up Porn Company** Pay TBD

So after reviewing this list, does it mean basically she doesn't provide full service PSE experience? The only one I think could be close to it is the $800 private fan 1 on 1 in the nude, but then look what's listed in parentheses next to it. Anyone have a clue? I don't want to waste my money by paying for one thing and then I get something entirely different. Thanks.

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You would not get anything sexual for the 800. By looking at her menu and what you are seeking, it seems you would have to book the $1500, private 1 on 1 not for sale movie.

How badly do you want to see her, and does she have reviews?

There are many pornstars available for less than that. And even when it comes to porn stars, you are best served by sticking to well reviewed ladies.

Check out the porn stars discussion board on this site.

and I ordered the Beef Chop Suey and they brought me

Some water and a bill.  

That didn't make any sense to me either :D

I'd move on.  There are plenty out there that are much more cut and dried.  IMHO, big waste of time.


There are so many terrific local providers who would rock your world, I second Swim. I'd move on. I'd respectfully recommend you focus on non porn star providers.  It's so tempting to satirize that list, and it's impossible to look at it with a straight face.  If you quickly go down the list of people reviewed in your locale or what is conveniently close to you, you will come up with a number of great providers who will give you everything in a date you could possibly want at a fraction of the cost, and you can see a variety of providers for those laughable prices.  It sounds like that provider is putting on such ridiculously commercialized events and categories it doesn't even come across as erotic or sexy to me.  Did I say how strongly I second swimtrekr's suggestion?

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Stay away from her, Phillyfan25.  This starlet has you so torqued up that you're not thinking clearly.   Spend that $$$ on your favorite provider & thank us later.    --z

Thanks guys. I'm not gonna waste my time. Too much of a hassle trying to figure that menu out. I know some good providers that can give me what I want for a fraction of those costs. I really did want to see this person as they are a favorite PS of mine, but oh well.

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