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I posted a review recently abut a lovely lady but she has asked that certain biographical information  about her be deleted. I would do it but I can't figure how to modify a review I have posted. The review has been approved and is now up.

Let them know you would like to edit your review and why. This sounds like a safety issue for the lady (you gave out TMI), so they probably will allow the edit. If admin agrees to the edit, they will make the review inactive and turn on the 'edit' button. When this happens, you can edit it and resubmit. I have done this very recently with one of my reviews.

By the way,  this was just asked yesterday. The thread is still on the first page.

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As was said, just contact and they'll quickly give you the opportunity to edit out biographical information, probably by listing that review under My TER with an edit button then put it back up.

As a default. TER won't put up reviews with *any* biographical information on providers. That's their policy for obvious reasons to protect them.

But because of the review volume, sometimes it slips through.

(, but it is much easier to just click on "contact us" at the bottom of the page, or the contact link at the top of the page by the life preserver. :)

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