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I am primal and fantasy. My only wish is for you to enjoy me

I am as my name... flora faun

The flora is delicate, sweet, and loves to be tenderly touched and admired. I'm also the fauna - wild, untamed, adventurous and sensual. I am an erotic contradiction, but I think a rather nice one. Touch me like a flower and I will grow wild with passion!

I am orgasmic flora - One who embraces Le Petite Mort. I feel the physical and emotional, and am facinated with Le Petite Mort. I experience various climaxes: Little bucking orgasms; shaking or shivering; emotional ones; ones that make me happy and I laugh; erotic light fills me, starting from my toes, and a wave of light runs up thru my center, and explodes in a brilliant white light in my head.

Lie on the bed of Flora. Experience sweet and exotic touch, taste, fragrance that awakens your animal as well as your fantasy. Indulge yourself on the bed of Flora. Our Sensual Bliss is to escape; Is to accept and relish in the freedoms of carnal pleasures, cravings, sensations... Yearning and hungering for erotic satisfaction... With lustful, eager and desperate passion, let us submit entirely to each other. Reward me in this moment of complete and sensual bliss.

Love, Flora Faun (NYC Top 100 List)

*Please call or email me if you would like to plan an Incall date in Philadelphia for September 2nd or 9th
*2.5 hour Outcalls available everyday to Philadelphia, Deleware, and other areas in Pennsylvania upon request
*My home base is New York City, where I have an elegant Incall apartment for discreet gentlemen. You are invited
*Massage is included in my GFE experience.

Flash & musical Website:
Cell phone friendly & Discreet Website:

I am primal and fantasy. My only wish is for you to enjoy me

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