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Of course it matters. It also GREATLY depends on where you're located. The laws of economics apply.

Is it better to stick with the $400 providers versus the 150.00 or $200.00 ones? Do the more expensive ones provide a better experience or just depends on the provider what is your limit would like to hear

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are requesting more and have clients flocking to them means that they are that good and you are almost guaranteed a wonderful experience. On the other hand, I've almost always had great times @ $200,250 and one realty disappointing one at $400. Go figure?
Read the reviews, look at the numbers, and choose well!

I think there is something to the old "you get what you pay for" adage, even in this arena.  That said, like the previous poster, I've had some spectacular luck with girls in the 200 to 300 range!  If there's a general rule of thumb, the prettier the girl, the more the price tends to go up.  So to paraphrase Otter in Animal House, if you're willing to sacrifice a point or two on the esthetic scale, you can find some really cute, girl-next-door types with mad skills!  It also helps to be in Southern California, there are some lovely girls to found at the lower price range!  Do your research, maintain a VIP membership (well worth every penny i you're not ambitious enough to get it for free by writing constant reviews) definitely learn how to search reviews and remember that TER is not the only system in the escorting galaxy!

If they have reviews, price doesn't matter.  If they do not have reviews, move on.  You can find some really nice ladies at reasonable prices, but check them out.  Just before she charges more does not mean the service will be any better.  As far as my limit goes, anything over 300 has to knock my socks off  with her offerings and visuals.


price only matters if you aren't comfortable paying a certain amount. If the finances are on your mind too much, then you're not going to enjoy the experience.

Go with what you're most comfortable with, and I agree that reviews are most helpful here. :)

Ihve found that there is a con cation between price nd location, price and looks,and price and age.  I have found NO connection between price and the quality of the session.  The best session I ever had was $220.

and I wasn't particularly impressed, so I was in the "no, it doesn't matter" camp.

But recently I let myself indulge again and I was very happy with the experience.

I can't do it all the time, for reasons of my piggy bank, but I would consider seeing this one again if she comes back to my town.

It's sort of like spending $1,500 to fly first class versus $250 for coach.  Both get you to the same place at the same time, but one does it oh so much more nicely.

The trick is to choose wisely.

I checked your reviews, seems as though you like to TOFTT with providers you find on BP.  Nothing wrong with that if you take the correct precautions. I recommend you switch your MO and see TER reviewed providers. Pick a donation amount that's easy on your wallet and providers who offer what you're looking for, which can be done using the TER review search feature.  Of course you'll need to be VIP to insure a good time.  

As to your question, I hobby in many Western cities and find donation rates vary all over the board. I can hobby in certain cities at $$ and have a great time. Other cities, I can't even get in the game for $$.  It all gets back to being an "educated consumer" as the late Sy Syms used to advertise.  Shop carefully, do your homework and you should find what your looking for, at a donation rate that doesn't leave you scratching your head after the session and questioning yourself "why did I spend that much?"  Good luck.

on the sex is dead on, BUT saying it won't have an impact on other things is naive. If I were only making half my rate, I could not afford the same type of hotels when I travel. I could also not afford the private incalls and driver service I provide at home.

There is no correlation between price and sexual skill as a monkey can get you off, but the little extras are a lot harder to provide when you are eating into your own pocket. Anyone who says they can provide a hundred dollar bottle of wine and an upscale hotel to every client when they are charging peanut rates, is either seriously high volume or an all out nympho who has a hubby or sd to support her on the side so she can afford to do that.

Price does not make you better, cleaner, or more edcuated for sure...but it should. If you are paying top dollar, everthing about her service "should be" superior from the way she dresses, to what she provides, to where she hosts at. A girl charging $400 an hour using a Holiday Inn, is more than comical.

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thats awesome that you go all out to give that feeling to your visitors. but for me, and im certain many others as well, it isnt about the hotel, the wine, or the convo. i get that type of stuff at home. what i dont get at home is to stick it up the hershey highway and trash her face like im trying to punish her. so if a cheap bp girl can give me that for a quarter, or even a tenth what the "high end" girls ask....i am content with the low end booty

Of course it matters. It also GREATLY depends on where you're located. The laws of economics apply.

you are using funds for play that are normally used for basics like shelter, food, etc.; then you need to reconsider your spending habits.

Regarding the ladies in this biz, if you do your research, you can find some great ladies in the 250-350 range. I doubt if a $500 or higher lady can offer a better experience but I don't have the funds to find out. After all, 60 minutes is 60 minutes.

I would believe less expensive providers in major markets/cities will see a higher volume of clients vs. a more expensive provider who does not need to meet with as many clients in a day or week, etc.  Your choice.  I am moderately priced but will only meet with 1 client per day and prefer a longer engagement.  Food for thought.

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