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hello gentlemen,  I am in washington DC and will be here until Jan 2009. then for a week in Las vegas for AVN awards convention and back home in D.C.  :-)

For hot and unforgettable experience with Claire LaFemmeDC  please
call me at 02-255  2335  or visit my websites

All calls made to me, are answered by me only,
if I dont asnwer I only will return your calls.
The same with emails: me only will return all your emails within 24 hours GUARANTEED. Confidentiality and Privacy guaranteed.

here is about me a little:-)   (Video trailer),0,0,0,0&page=/scene/sbc/1949/clairelafemmedc

************Confidentiality and Privacy guaranteed***********

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I have been good all year...ok "good" within a hedonistic "do unto others as you would have done/do no harm" paradigm lets skip the judeo-christian ethot as I have a bit of a coal allergy
please place Ms Claire under my tree and I will consider us even for the train set I did not receive when I was eight....and thus there will be no reason for me to speak to Mrs Claus regarding your display of a certain "busch de noel" (aka yule log) to a certain female elf...yes I know it seems unfair to threaten you St Nick, however , I have learned that one gets much further with a kind word and an incrimnating picture than a kind word alone so have a blessed holiday and dont try any funny stuff fat boy or count on having only half of your workshop next year ;-)
your pal

..... dear Mike,  

Santa Klaus saw your letter and wish and he asked his Elfs and other devine creatures to give your letter to me on a icy diamond platter :-)
He said to say to you Dear Mike that Santa Klaus  will visit you on Christmas day and bring to you yoru Gift  as desired.
In Finland Santa Klaus is Joulu Pukki and he lives on the Northern Part of LapLand. With Eskimos tribes people who raise Deers for Christams ride around the world. Do you know that this is true  and they do ride in air?
Finland was pagan coutnry until about 12 century,and lots of pagan things were going on there in swamps and forests and Lapland.
we have very beautiful snowwhites
and Finns like sex and sauna and Finnish Vodka and Swedish Erotica.

Santa did not say this-- it is me who said it:-)  I got carried away. But Santa Klaus Said Yes, Mike :-)

You are so sweet and kind:-)
Merry Christmas from Joulu Pukki Santa Klaus and all his helper including humble me.

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