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While I am far from being a TER a newbie (please see my years of reviews) I am curious about how one approaches matters in a storefront AMP or the like (as opposed to seeing someone listed individually on ThatMall, CityVibe, EROSLA or similar sites).  My fear is that if I inquire in these forums I will be derided and shouted down as being LE, etc.

To whom can I pose my legitimate questions about "how do you actually maneuver/request/hint/cajole" in such an establishment without being flamed unmercifully?  I might like to explore such a place and would not like to screw it up before I even get started.



you do know there is a message parlor board.  Gotta love that ter handle!

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to contact mrfisher by PM as hh has said. You might also ask your questions on the massage parlor board, and read up on that board. There is one here under General Boards sub menu, just a few spaces under the Newbie board. There are also a few other sites (not TER) that talk about MPs.

Also realize that they do differ by regions. For example the MPs in Hawaii operate different than MPs on the east coast or mdwest. So for example, I could give you info on Hawaii MPs and mrfisher could give you info on east coast MPs, and neither may be true for the LA scene.

Good luck.

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