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Re: Great points, I totally agree! (eom)
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Ditto! Couldn't agree more.

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So many ladies want advance booking... They say it is because it is easier for them to schedule.
Then why do they cancel or no show at the last minute? Many say they are running late and want to move it out an hour.. How hard is it to be ready when you say! You are getting as much money per hour as a professional so act like one.. I am so tempted to post the no shows I have had in the last couple of weeks!

Some of these ladies have very high ratings.

ImReadyRU7948 reads

after some urging..

Leanne  (714) 585-3602

Julie 714-362-4043

Dani Moore 310 800 1287

And a few others who called and canceled an hr before.. But at least they called!

MidtownPro5976 reads

See a common theme here?  BP?  We need to put as much time into researching them as they do in screening us.  I've not had anyone NCNS but then I have stuck to TER reviewed ladies.

ImReadyRU4690 reads

First one is TER reviewed. And there are two others not listed that have 8+ ratings that canceled an hr before, one twice.  TER or BP is not relevant to good manners. I regret not giving a review to the TER 8.2 rated provider who kept me waiting for an hour that kept saying give her 10 minutes. I actually left but she finally said she was ready as I was at the end of the street. I then realized she had two other gents at the same time ahead of me.

just got stood up by dani moore , 310-800-1287

TER won't allow a review if the session didn't happen.  There's no way to post a review for a NCNS.  You can only post a comment if you stuck around and a half hour or hour later, finally got to see her.

I subscribe to the same rule as college, if the prof doesn't show in 10 minutes, I'm out of there.  I also won't drive for more than a half hr for a session.  And always have a Plan B.

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