Very simple my friend, just don't read their posts and ignore them, why sweat it? [e]
JamesDeenXXX 31 Reviews 353 reads


I noticed that some posters are obvious fakes or they simply do not share the same taste as I. Is there any way to mark them or to ignore their reviews (just for myself)? I find it hard to memorized all their handles.

You can ignore their board posts and any PMs to you by pressing the ignore button under any of their posts. However, it won't ignore the reviews.

Nothing says you have to read them, so don't.....  Just skip over them.  There really isn't any way to limit the list of reviews in a general area.  Every review in that city is going to be listed when you search that city.  If you have certain tastes, mark the ladies as favorites, and you will get notified when they get new reviews and you can read them in your list of favorites.


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