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Question for the gents. In another thread you were discussing your manscaping and I suddenly thought of this. If you have a wife/SO, how do you explain your new-found grooming habits?

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Been trimming up and shaving down below since I was 18 ... and that is quite awhile ago. Nothing to explain.

since I had to trim up so I could be "clipped".  Both of us liked it, so there was no change in grooming habits when I joined the party.

I've read many posts where the guy says he wouldn't mind trying it but couldn't explain it to his wife/SO.
Obviously for those that have done it for years it's not an issue but not everyone is in that situation.

I wouldn't have bothered trying to explain it when I was married. It just wouldn't have happened. Now I keep it closely trimmed (I don't shave it) and anyone that sees me doesn't know there was ever a difference.

this had come up before, and I think the best excuse (if you work out at a gym anyways), is to say that all the guys there have been getting their junk trimmed, and you didn't want to look like old man time when you were in the shower with them.

Another gambit is to tell the SO that you have suffered some jock itch, and your doctor recommended trimming to reduce the amount of bacteria available.  That actually worked for me once I started to trim.

I think most wives will buy that.

FOR HER in the hopes she might starting fking you again? Brilliant!

but I'd like to hear what other gals think.

After all, you are the horses' mouths, so to speak.

who had not touched you in over 10 years, maybe it's because of that lol. I get paid and won't lick hairy balls, so I can't imagine women are lining up to do it for free.

but you'd think that before going out and hiring a divorce lawyer, she might have suggested that he do some manscapping to save their marriage.

In any case, if only I had suspected, I would have taken a razor to my crotch back when I was married.

As it was, it wasn't until after I got divorced that some gals began to gently hint that if only I would clear out some of the brush below, they would be much obliged.  I did, and then I got much obliged.

Now I'm into the whole waxing thing.

Odd how I have gone from one extreme to the other.

I started with a SO, we read in a forum about giving each other "senuous haircuts", and it turned out to be quite fun.

Good to know that many of you have been manscaping for a long time anyway. ;)

I thought of another way to do it, but it has to be before you 'scape it. Find a men's magazine that has an article on it (many do), and show it to your wife or SO, then mention you'd like to try it. She may even want to help.

I've been shaving and trimming for a while now.

There's lots of info about how guys like girls to groom but not a whole lot of feedback going the other way. So what are ladies grooming preferences for guys? How far back/up/around how short the not shaved bits and so forth? Does it vary depending on how much hair they have naturally?

I might be over thinking this.

it is nice when they are at least trimmed up and maybe have completely shaved testicles.

There was a thread about this pretty recently. I can't remember where!

I completely agree with SoftlySarah. In my opinion; a male's personal area doesn't have to be bare, but trimmed is always nice. I like clean shaved balls too, and It's usually a bonus.  In my experience, most men who have their balls shaved enjoy having them licked, sucked, or even played with. If you like these things it's a good thing to shave your balls because it's a clear sign to your provider that you are interested, or she'll be more comfortable.

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it is nice when they are at least trimmed up and maybe have completely shaved testicles.

There was a thread about this pretty recently. I can't remember where!

For women who do give rim jobs, I am sure they would appreciate no hair back there as it is rather disgusting. The few times I have done this service were with guys who were hair anywhere.

It seems like basically, if we want it licked, we should shave it, whatever it might be.

In that case I think I'm okay. I shave my balls the area behind them and the base of my shaft as well as trimming the rest of it. I've not done anything round the back because I'm not sure how, but that doesn't sound like it's a problem because rimming isn't a thing for me.

It seems like ladies have different considerations to guys.  I mean that, although women being shaved or hairless is better for DATY as well as feeling nicer to the touch, there are also aesthetic considerations, some guys like the look of landing strips etc.

Is it purely mechanical and not aesthetic because you're working? I hope this isn't too personal a question but in your personal life, is it the same?

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