Re: I dont mind au natural if you aren't super hairyteeth_smile
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You crack me up!

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So many choices.  What to decide?
Providers and hobbyists alike:  How should I manage the manscape?
I want to make a good impression.  Of course, I don't want to offend.  And, by damn, I know like nobody's business, that cleanliness is next to godliness.  But I can't see the forest for the trees!
(Pun intended.)
So, a little help . . . please. . . .
What's the right way to go?
I have no problem with any of the above.  
I just want to do what's right and appropriate and appreciated and totally un- anti- not- totally creepy.
Thanks in advance.  :)
~The Man Who Knew Too Little

Go with shaved or trimmed but not au natural.You want a provider to be able to have fun  with you and being au natural gets in the way.Nothing worse than trying to get to the prize but having to navigate through a jungle.
I do not like objects in my Plus a lot of hair carries odor.
Be nice and neat

most providers prefer shaved.  If you want lots of attention to the berries, shave them.  They don't need their teeth flossed, any more than you do.  It's not that hard.  PM me if you want some pointers on doing it.


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I just didn't want to look like some pre-pubescent and freak somebody out.
Thanks for the tips.
Sorry to be such a newbie douche.  :)

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but if your a hairy guy and I need a machete just to get to your tree, please do us a both a favor and at the very least mow the grass.

I had one a couple of weeks ago where I swear the guy's pubes were longer than his member.  He could have easily braided those suckers they were sooo long.  No wonder his wife doesn't want to give him a bj.

.... personally less hair the better neck down (men or women) .....waxed gives the longest-lasting (sometimes best results) or a really good electric shaver and may have to give a go at everything every few days depending on how quick your hair grows back before it gets......itchy.

and I am loving it.

It's nice a cool for the summer, other gals rave about it too, and it even feels sexier.

The pain is quick and it's over; it's really no big deal.

Like ripping off a band-aid.

Waxing has been great for me and lasts the longest (aside from laser). Try it! If not, shaving is the easiest alternative. :)

I'll say it again...

Laser hair removal.

Buy a package deal, usually 6-9 treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart. I had my sixth treatment about five weeks ago, and I have maybe 3 dozen hairs left on my entire nether region (everything, down through my crack).

A package deal for a men's brazilian should cost about $1,500. About $1,200 for women's Brazilian. And it's permanent. Never grows back.

As long as you're squeaky clean, women will run their tongues all the hell over the place.

Get drunk before you go, and it makes it easier ha ha. If you tan be prepared to look like you were burned with cigarettes!

I usually take a few Tylenols and an anti-anxiety pill before I go.

You're not supposed to tan areas where you have laser hair removal done (until you're finished with the treatments).

I've only ever experienced temporary redness with no residual pain.  In fact, I've gone to see providers within a few hours of a treatment with no problems.

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