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I accidentally misspelled my wonderful provider's name twice in my review and she has requested that I correct the error if possible. I also included a phrase which I would like to remove. She is a wonderful person and deserves to have me fix the mistakes. Can anyone advise me how I can edit the already accepted review? Thank you.

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You can easily click on edit and edit the review this way:

Review FAQ

"You can edit and resubmit the updated review by going to the VIP Community, then Account Manager, and then List My Reviews. You will be able to edit only those reviews with an the edit button next to them. If they only have a VIEW Button, they cannot be rewritten."


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the only way you can correct it is to use the problem report on it.  Try that.


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I'm fuzzy on the amount of time but once a review is up for a finite period of time, you can click on My TER>My Reviews>and there is an Edit button for a while that you can click. I have one review
a month or two old and still have the edit button. After about 3 months that button changes to "View" from there. Thanks for the time and good job you do here.  Much appreciated by a lot of people.


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but even my most recent review from a couple weeks ago doe not have an edit button on it.


HookerCops 467 reads
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Every review I've ever written, the "edit" button disappears as soon as the review is approved and posted. It's possible your first review was approved for awhile, but not posted since it differed from the only other review the provider had and it was your first ever. Otherwise, you're mistaken, there was some special circumstance, or there was a glitch ... that is not the way it normally works.

To the OP. If you use the "Contact Us" form and ask to edit the review and tell them why, then admin may allow you to do so. I have been allowed to once and denied once. If they allow you to edit it, then the "edit" button will appear next to the review under "My Reviews".

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All of my reviews show an "edit" button until they are approved then the "edit" button changes to a "view" button. I have never had the edit button remain after the review was approved and posted. It once took a week (the longest one of mine has ever taken) for one of my reviews to be approved and posted but once it was the "edit" was no longer possible.

If you still have one that months later says "edit" check all the way to the right and see what it says under "status". If it doesn't say approved then it hasn't been posted. (At least that's my experience.)

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Reading your other replies, I agree with swim, xyz, and hooker cops. The 'edit review' button is only available until the review is approved. Once it is approved you can no longer edit it. However as hookercops said, you can contact admin and they may allow you to edit it. I have recently done that. I actually asked them to remove a phrase from one of my reviews. (was a YMMV thing which I felt should be left out) Admin told me they will not edit a review, however they would  "turn on" the edit button to allow me to edit it. It worked out.

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You guys are absolutely right; once posted that "edit" button changes to "view".

I guess either you could click the button Swim says, or if you had a compelling enough reason to change something you could email support at TER.

I got confused because one of my old reviews has two listings on same girl; one has edit button and one has view button. The edit one is verbatim identical to the one posted but it says not accepted (strange) because the name of the girl "Eva" does not match the name of the girl on the link I gave.  She ususally lists as "China Doll" with pictures of a tall girl from some poster on the web that aren't ever her.  And like many Backpage ads from a month or two ago, the ad is no longer at the link I used in that review, but she just puts a new ad up, changes her extended stay to a few miles away, and changes her name and fake pic.

The name Eva matched her at the time, but she moves around from tiny extended stay room to extended stay room and every guy that has reviewed her except one whose veracity I doubt (we're talking 4/5 others  reviews who say identically the same thing that happened to me).

The other 4 reviewers that hated this Eva as much as I did called her "Eva" as well, so I'm not really clear what TER means behind that "edit" button with an identical review to the one posted.

And what is regrettable, is that every time someone posts a new review of how angry the are they got ripped off, they got ripped off because they never looked up her review in the first place.  They also could have googled "China doll" or "Eva" with the search term  "review" and come up with TER or reviews other places that would warn them.

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You could try a complete new review, copy & paste with the corrections & submitt.  We all know a new review will replace the old one, no credit for the review.  Hopefully someone at TER would be smart enough to realize that it's a correction.

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