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Re: I'm no expert on the legal system over there but....
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I heard that one of the two,  his home , her hotel, are not lawful. My guess is his home

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I have been investigating whether hobbying is legal in the UK. Am visiting London soon and it is very confusing. Research says it is not a crime but it is a crime. I get that public solicitation and brothels are illegal, I get that. Can someone please clear this up for me?

my understanding is that it is OK to see independent gals who advertise on line at their locations; and I think it is also fine for them to come to your hotel, or home.

I heard that one of the two,  his home , her hotel, are not lawful. My guess is his home

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Dear Solid Snake:
Go up on some of the prostitution websites for Canada. Being since part of Canada is British some of the constitution would be written similarly and they would have some of the same laws or those that would be close in language. In fact if you do go on those websites you would find some of the same legal issues that they would have in England? Thus if you do your research on Canada with respect to Public Policy you would have your answers in a lot of cases about England.

Canada is part of the Commonwealth with the Queen as their head of state, but Canada and the UK are separate countries with different governments and the laws are not the same.

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Outcall in U.K (and Canada) totally legal as in most all the world except the U.S.

Incall in the U.K. is limited to one gal per flat.  Lots of attempts to change that so gals can work together for safety etc.

In Canada bawdy house law makes incall illegal but very rarely enforced unless under age or some real crime in most cities.

Street solicitation (or in public place) illegal but no problem soliciting by phone, newspapers, websites etc. In the U.K. phone booth escort cards are an issue and a nuisance.

Pimping illegal but agencies have no problem since they sell time not sex.

Some cities in Canada require escort licensed such as Edmonton but rare.  Don't think any license needed in the U.K.

Seriously - look for the page on prostitution in the UK, and it will all be there with references and everything. You also might want to visit, both to peruse reviews, see ads, and ask your questions about legality

In general it is legal, btw.

have fun,

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