Drive -take Rte 84 North to Mass Pike - about 90 minutes
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or you might check to see if there is a bus.

pretty direct rte, try googling it

What's the easiest way to get to Boston from Hartford?  I'll be making my first trip to Hartford this summer and then immediately to Boston but I'm unsure of the best way to travel?

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or you might check to see if there is a bus.

pretty direct rte, try googling it

I didn't mean, "Do you accept payment via EZ-Pass?"  :-)  I meant, "Do you take your EZ-Pass (Fast Lane in MA) or M-Tag with you when you travel?"  Most of northeast is EZ-Passified so you should be able to breeze through the Mass Pike tolls using your transponder from Maryland.  (I assume from your Profile that you are based in MD.) Depending on when you plan to drive, the cash lanes can get pretty backed up while EZ-Passers / Fast-Laners just zip on through.

I agree with the ease of the 84-90 (Mass Pike) / 90 minute suggestion.  Bostonguy suggested that you consider flying in and out from the same place and do a round-trip car rental, too. I have no idea what the one-way drop off fees are for rentals but Boston is not car-friendly. Be sure to check that out ahead of time to avoid sticker shock.

Have a fun time driving in Boston!

If you do not have a car, there are both buses and trains.  The trains go through New Haven with a change needed.

As Foody mentioned, the train from Hartford to Boston goes to New Haven and it takes forever.  Bus is cheaper and quicker.  If you drive but don't have a car try a zipcar.

I think it would save both time and gas! These Boston gents will be eager for your visit I'm sure.

Safe travels!


I'm flying into Hartford and my plan was to fly home from Boston.  I guess I'll go look up rates and schedules for Amtrak and Greyhound.  See y'all in July!

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.... Megabus cheap, u lucky Fing Wah no stop in hartford

Depending on where you are coming from it may very well be cheaper to fly in and out of the same city and rent a car for your trip back and forth to your other destination.

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