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......there should be a "dislike" button as well.  lol!!!

i just noticed today that there's an like button like facebook or something when i thought it was a link they minus well add a dislike button too

......there should be a "dislike" button as well.  lol!!!

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"The reason for the changes is that the discussion area needs to be more user friendly and welcoming to all users. The boards currently seem unfriendly to newbies, as-well-as to those who express a view other than the most popular. There are simply a lot of very interesting voices that are simply not given a chance to be heard. We are now changing the way that we approach discussion to fix these problems."

Due to other sites closing that were not pay sites, hope the negativity does not come here.  To quote Board Administration "it isn't welcoming" Negativity does not draw people, is not good for business & belongs in private board like reviewer UN-moderated area.  Negativity doesn't draw Providers, nor payments for information.  The past few weeks, look at the quality for the board here since other site closed.  Please look at the changes & recognize the effort made to brighten up the place after mods are gone.  Link to announcement from Admin., & quote addressing the negativity verses changes.  It is a community.  What do you contribute?  Make it positive or private, with consideration of others & a board left for us to have discussions on about the hobby.  It takes a village....

being friendly, welcoming and injecting some much needed levity to the board.  Speaking for myself a Dislike, or Maybe button was not on the table, or even under the table in my opinion.  

I also am glad to see the dizzying amount of aliases put aside.  From what I hear, the aliases started as a fun thing years ago, but then took on a life of their own.  It is gratifying to see people step out of the shadows of their aliases and into the sunlight.   It hopefully adds some accountability, civility and comaraderie to people's board personas.

I can always watch Nancy Grace or go on CL's rants and raves, if I truly crave negativity.

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